There are always events going on in the world of Pokemon GO for Trainers to enjoy. One of the next ones that will be taking place for the fan-favorite mobile game is the June 2020 Community Day that will have focus on the character known as Weedle. Fortunately, we have everything you need to know about the Weedle June 2020 Community Day event so that you can enjoy everything that it has to offer when it officially arrives. 

Pokemon GO Weedle June 2020 Community Day

Players will find that the next 2020 Community Day event will be taking place on Saturday, June 20th.

Trainers who can get their Weedle to evolve into a Beedrill during this event will see that their Beedrill will now the exclusive move of Drill Run. This ground-type move can not typically be learned by Beedrill, which means that those who are looking for a rare version of this powerful character will want to do their best to evolve one during the Weedle June 2020 Community Day event. The Ground-type move of Drill Run will allow Beedrill to be able to go up against Fire and Rock-types much easier than its regular version that does not know Drill Run. 

 Pokemon GO Weedle June 2020 Community Day

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There is no doubt that players who take part in the June Community Day event focusing on Weedle will be rewarded with an excellent reward that will surely serve them well in all of their future battles and adventures. 

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