One of the weekly activities that Trainers look forward to experiencing in the world of Pokemon GO is the Spotlight Hour, where a particular character takes center stage. May 2020 will see four new Spot Hour activities take place with a group of characters that are sure to get plenty of players excited to try and catch them when the schedule for each event arrives. Fortunately, we have the entire schedule for the Pokemon GO May 2020 Spotlight Hour lineup covered for you.

Pokemon GO Spotlight Hour May 2020 Schedule

The schedule for May 2020 will see each Spotlight Hour activity take place every Tuesday at 6 PM local time. Each of these hours will focus on a particular character and a special bonus that players can take advantage of and enjoy. 

The 5th will see Shellder be the center of attention with the special bonus being that players will earn twice the Stardust for catching characters. Sunkern will be the focus for this particular activity on the 12th with a special bonus consisting of players earning double experience for catching characters. The 19th will have Poochyena be the focus with players earning double the candy for catching characters as the special bonus. Finally, the last event for the Pokemon GO May 2020 Spotlight Hour schedule on the 26th will have Bronzor be the creature of focus for players. Trainers will also see a special bonus of getting twice the amount of candy for transferring characters. 

 Pokemon GO Spotlight Hour May 2020 Schedule

You will have from 6 PM local time to 7 PM local time to take advantage of each of the above characters appearing more frequently in the wild to encounter and catch them for your collection. This is not the most significant amount of time to play. Players will want to make sure they can set aside enough time during this period to focus on playing and not be distracted by other things to take full advantage of the Pokemon GO May 2020 Spotlight Hour schedule and everything it offers. 

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