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Pokemon GO Solstice Event Details

by Andrew Smith

Niantic has officially revealed the Pokemon GO Solstice in-game event which will feature rare Pokemon like Shiny Clefairy, Lunatone, Solrock, and more! The event will be taking place during the summer and winter solstices’ and will offer event-exclusive Field Research tasks that can be completed for additional rewards. Here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming Solstice event in Pokemon GO!

Pokemon GO Solstice Event: Dates, Rewards, and More

The Pokemon GO Solstice event will begin on  Friday, June 19 at 8 AM local time and will come to a close at 10 PM local time on Wednesday, June 24. In celebration of the solstice, the event will feature Pokemon that are typically associated with the sun and moon, like Clefairy and Sunkern, for example. Further, players will have a shot at catching a Shiny Clefairy in the wild for the first time ever, as they’re traditionally only able to be evolved from Shiny Cleffa. 

During the event, sun and moon themed Pokemon will be more common in the wild and in Raids, will be easier to hatch from 5km Eggs, and will be given as rewards for event-exclusive Field Research tasks. Additionally, players will be able to encounter Lunatone and Solrock in three-star raids and can hatch them from 5km Eggs, regardless of their location. Normally, these Pokemon will only appear in specific real-world locations, so now is the perfect opportunity to catch them without having to travel around the world. 

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However, it won’t be easy, as Lunatone and Solrock will be moving around to different real-world locations during the Pokemon GO Solstice event. Thankfully, Niantic has provided players with a location schedule, which can be seen below:

  • June 19 (8 AM) – June 20 (11:59 PM): Lunatone will appear more frequently in the wild in the Eastern hemisphere and Solrock in the Western hemisphere
  • June 21 (12 AM) – June 22 (11:59 PM): Lunatone and Solrock will appear more frequently in the wild everywhere
  • June 23 (12 AM) – June 24 (10 PM): Lunatone will appear more frequently in the wild in the Western hemisphere and Solrock in the Eastern hemisphere.

It’s worth noting that once the event is over, Lunatone and Solrock will go back to being region-locked, so make sure to take advantage of this opportunity! When the event begins later this month, be sure to check back to our homepage for some guides!

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