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Pokemon Go Raid Egg Color

by Prima Games Staff

You may have noticed that just before a raid begins in Pokemon Go, there’s an egg placed above the gym. These eggs appear in a variety of colors and the raid egg color has meaning in Pokemon Go. This article covers the Pokemon Go raid egg color so you know what to expect as you prepare for battle.

Pokemon Go Raid Egg Color

Egg Color Boss Tier
Pink 1 or 2
Yellow 3 or  4
Blue 5

If you’ve checked out our Raid Boss list you already know that these raid bosses are classified by a star tier system so you know how difficult the coming battle will be. The egg color ties directly into this system by letting you know which star tier Pokemon is about to emerge.

The higher the star tier the more difficult the raid boss will be. At present raids go up to tier 5, with legendary Pokemon appearing in tier 5 during the time periods in which they’re available (they are only available one at a time). You can check out our Pokemon Go game hub for information on each of the legendary raid boss.

Egg Bosses by Color

Raid Level Egg Color Pokemon Boss CP Able to Solo
1 Pink Bayleef 4375 Yes
1 Pink Croconaw 5207 Yes
1 Pink Magikarp 1165 Yes
1 Pink Quilava 5085 Yes
2 Pink Electabuzz 12390 Yes
2 Pink Exeggutor 13839 Yes
2 Pink Magmar 12718 Yes
2 Pink Muk 12269 Yes
2 Pink Weezing 12318 Yes
3 Yellow Alakazam 22646 No
3 Yellow Arcanine 17832 No
3 Yellow Flareon 21155 No
3 Yellow Gengar 19768 No
3 Yellow Jolteon 19883 No
3 Yellow Machamp 18144 No
3 Yellow Vaporeon 16696 Yes
4 Yellow Blastoise 24162 No
4 Yellow Charizard 28485 No
4 Yellow Lapras 21768 No
4 Yellow Rhydon 30512 No
4 Yellow Snorlax 25419 No
4 Yellow Tyranitar 34707 No
4 Yellow Venusaur 26921 No
5 Blue Articuno 37603 No
5 Blue Entei 38628 Yes
5 Blue Lugia 42753 No
5 Blue Moltres 41953 No
5 Blue Raikou 42932 Yes
5 Blue Suicune 34471 Yes
5 Blue Zapdos 42691 No

For more strategies and advice, including how raids work, be sure to check out our Pokemon Go game hub!