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Pokemon Go Raid Boss List

by Bryan Dawson

Raids are fully operational in Pokemon Go, which means a lot of people have been looking for a Pokemon Go raid boss list. This article covers the Pokemon Go raid boss list and will continually evolve as new Pokemon Go raid bosses are discovered. Niantic is constantly updating the game, so this Pokemon Go raid list will change as updates are released. There may even be an additional tier added to our Pokemon Go raid list in the future.

When you encounter a raid boss in Pokemon Go, one of the first things you’ll notice is how massive their CP is. You may want to start off with your highest CP Pokemon, but that’s usually not the best course of action. Instead, you should focus on countering the type of the Raid Boss. For instance, if the Raid Boss is a Jolteon you will have better success with a Ground-type Pokemon as opposed to a random high CP Pokemon.

Our Pokemon Go Raid Boss list includes the type for each Raid Boss, as well as the proper counter type and the difficulty tier (stars). However, we’ve also got a more complete list of Pokemon Types in Pokemon Go if you’re looking for more information on that, as well as information about how to raid and everything that entails if you’re just getting back into Pokemon Go. Don’t forget to check out our Pokemon Go game hub for more strategies and advice!

Pokemon Go Raid Boss List

Raid Tier Pokemon Type Counter
1 Bayleef Grass Bug, Fire or Poison
1 Croconaw Water Electric or Grass
1 Magikarp Water Electric or Grass
1 Quilava Fire Rock or Water
2 Electabuzz Electric Ground
2 Exeggutor Grass Bug, Fire or Poison
2 Magmar Fire Rock or Water
2 Muk Poison Ground or Psychic
2 Weezing Poison Ground or Psychic
3 Alakazam Psychic Bug, Dark or Ghost
3 Arcanine Fire Ground or Water
3 Flareon Fire Ground or Water
3 Gengar Ghost Dark or Ghost
3 Jolteon Electric Ground
3 Machamp Fighting Psychic
3 Vaporeon Water Electric or Grass
4 Blastoise Water Electric or Grass
4 Charizard Fire Ground or Water
4 Lapras Water Electric or Grass
4 Rhydon Ground Grass or Water
4 Snorlax Normal Fighting
4 Tyranitar Rock, Dark Fighting
4 Venosaur Grass, Poison Fire or Psychic

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