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Pokemon GO New Team Rocket Members List

by Nicholas Barth

Niantic always has something going on when it comes to new content for Pokemon GO. One of the latest examples of this consistent stream of content for Pokemon GO players to enjoy was the teasing of three new Team Rocket members who will be invading the mobile game in the future. However, the community does not know much about what the intentions of these new Team Rocket members are for trainers, with players only knowing their identities at this moment in time.  

Pokemon GO Team Rocket Members

The official Pokemon GO Twitter account revealed to the community that Professor Willow had discovered a corrupted folder containing files related to the recent Team Rocket takeover that occurred in the title. It was soon revealed that these corrupted files were images showing off three new members of Team Rocket.

A final image was revealed by the title’s Twitter account to the community and showed off a trainer facing down the mysterious individuals of Cliff, Arlo, and Sierra with a wide array of Shadow creatures surrounding them in what looks to be the set up for a climactic battle. 

You can find each of the new characters for the infamous organization below:


Pokemon GO Team Rocket Members


Pokemon GO Team Rocket Members


Pokemon GO Team Rocket Members

It remains to be seen what precisely the Team Rocket members of Cliff, Arlo, and Sierra have in store for the Pokemon GO community. However, it is likely not going to be in the best interest of trainers from around the world if the history of the corrupt organization is any indication of what it has planned for the future. 

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