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Pokemon Go – Lugia Weakness and Strengths

by Bryan Dawson

With Legendary Pokemon finally becoming raid bosses in Pokemon Go, many people have been asking about a Lugia counter and what type of Pokemon can take advantage of the various Lugia weakness. This article covers Pokemon Go Lugia weakness, as well as the strengths of Lugia in the mobile game. Once you know a Lugia counter or two, you should have an easier time catching the Pokemon in a Legendary Raid.

If you’re just now catching up on Legendary Raids in Pokemon Go, we’ve already looked at a few misconceptions with the raids, as well as how to take out Articuno and the moves you should be using for both Articuno and Lugia. Make sure to read up if you’re not already versed, then read below for information on Lugia’s weakness in Pokemon Go.

Lugia Weakness and Strength

Lugia is a Psychic and Flying type Pokemon with a raid boss CP of 42,753 and a Max Capture CP of 2,056. To counter Lugia, ideally you want to use Dark, Rock, Ice, Ghost or Electric type Pokemon. Take a look at the Pokemon you have available, and try to use Tyraniter or Golem if you have them. Tyraniter using Bite and Crunch will take full advantage of Lugia’s weakness to Dark, while Golem also has Bite and can use Stone Edge to exploit Lugia’s weakness to Rock. Jolteon (Thunder Shock and Thunderbolt), Gengar (Shadow Claw and Shadow Ball), Jinx (Frost Breath and Avalanche) and Magneton (Thunder Shock and Discharge) all work as great counters to Lugia.

If you don’t have any of those Pokemon available, you may want to take a more defensive approach. Lugia will inflict huge damage to any Pokemon that are weak to water, so avoid Water type Pokemon at all costs. However, Steel and Psychic type Pokemon lower the damage Lugia inflicts with Psychic moves, and Electric, Steel and Rock all take less damage from Lugia’s Flying moves. These Pokemon types all make great defensive options if you don’t have any proper counters.

Weak Against Factor
Dark 1.4x
Electric 1.4x
Ghost 1.4x
Ice 1.4x
Rock 1.4x
Strong Against Factor
Fighting 0.51x
Grass 0.71x
Ground 0.71x
Psychic 0.51x

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