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Pokemon Go – How to Get Santa Hat Christmas Pikachu

by Bryan Dawson

Pokemon Go was recently updated to include a holiday theme featuring Santa Hat Pikachu. For those who wish to celebrate Christmas with Pikachu, the updated Pokemon can be found wandering around your normal Pokemon Go stomping grounds. Overall Santa Hat Pikachu shouldn’t be too hard for you to find, but we’re here to give you some advice to increase your odds.

There’s no difference between a normal Pikachu and Santa Hat Pikachu aside from the obvious Santa hat. The stats are the same and how you catch it is the same. In fact, if you evolve Christmas Pikachu you will end up with Christmas Raichu for your troubles. However, you can only catch this holiday Pikachu for a limited time. The festive Pikachu will only be available until December 29, 2016 at 10 AM PT.

How to Find Santa Hat Pikachu

Pokemon Go Santa Pikachu

To find Santa Hat Pikachu, head to the main places you would go over the summer to find popular Pokemon. If you spend a weekend going between a few PokeStops you shouldn’t have any trouble finding Christmas Pikachu. Just the baby Pokemon found in new eggs, there’s a bit of luck involved with catching holiday Pikachu, but a full day or two of hitting your local PokeStops should be more than enough to find at least one.

Don’t forget to get as many eggs hatched as you can so you can find the other new Pokemon added to Pokemon Go. You can also check out our Pokemon Go guide hub to learn how to gain XP fast and even see a move list for all of the Pokemon in the game. We’ll have more on any new Pokemon in Pokemon Go right here at Prima Games!

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