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Pokemon Go Groudon Counters

by Bryan Dawson

With Groudon being featured as a raid boss in Pokemon Go, there have been plenty of people asking about Groudon counters and how to beat Groudon in general. This article covers the primary Pokemon you should be using to counter Groudon in Pokemon Go raids. In addition to the basics, you’ll find several Pokemon types that can counter Groudon, just to make sure all of your bases are covered. That way you won’t have to worry too much about leveling up a bunch of Pokemon just to counter Groudon.

In this article we’ve dive head first into the specific Pokemon you should be using to counter Groudon, as well as attacks you should be use with each of these Pokemon. So without further ado, let’s get to it and discuss some Groudon counters in Pokemon Go!

Groudon Counters

As a Ground type Pokemon, Groudon is weak to Grass, Ice and Water types. The best Pokemon to counter Groudon is Gyarados. However, if you don’t have Gyarados, fear not, you can also use Dragonite (we know you have this one), Sceptile, or even Ho-Oh. All of these make great counters for Groudon and you should have at least one of two already in your inventory, even if you haven’t been playing very long.

If you’re going with Gyarados, you should be using Waterfall and Hydro Pump. Dragonite can counter Groudon almost any variety of attacks, but we recommend Dragon Tail and Dragon Claw. When using Sceptile, go with Fury Cutter and Leaf Blade, and if you’re rocking Ho-Oh we suggest Steel Wing and Solar Beam.

Pokemon Type Quick Move Charge Move
Dragonite Dragon / Flying Dragon Tail Dragon Claw
Gyarados Flying / Water Waterfall Hydro Pump
Ho-Oh Fire / Flying Steel Wing Solar Beam
Sceptile Grass Fury Cutter Leaf Blade


Weak Against Damage Increase
Grass 1.40x
Ice 1.40x
Water 1.40x

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