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Pokemon GO Giovanni August 2020 Counters, How to Beat Persian

by Lucas White

How To Beat Giovanni

The infamous Giovanni can be a tough challenge to overcome in Pokemon GO. To start off, where do you even find him, and then how do you beat him? Well, it’s your lucky day because we have the answers to those questions right here.

This week in Pokemon GO, we’re seeing a lot happening thanks to things like the unlock bonus Dragon Week, the recent appearance of ice cream marketing, and more. And a big part of August’s festivities is a new challenge that sees players facing off against the big cheese of Team Rocket, the Kanto Earth Gym Leader, Giovanni.

This is a tough battle, as players will have to get through three separate lineups of Giovanni’s powerful Pokemon team. But if you’re looking for the best Pokemon to use in the Giovanni August 2020  fight, look no further.

Pokemon GO Giovanni August 2020 Counters, How to Beat Persian

Giovanni has five Pokemon in total, set across three lineups. The first line up is a solo battle against Giovanni’s trademark sidekick, Persian. The second lineup comprises Nidoking, Dugtrio and Garchomp. These are two scary Pokemon, and it’s nice of them to hang out with Dugtrio. Finally, Giovanni busts out the legendary Pokemon, Suicune. So the only variable factor is the second fight, which can be against any one of those three Pokemon.

Persian is a Normal-type Pokemon, so you’ll want to counter with a fighting type. The general consensus seems to be Lucario, since its moves charge fast and it’s even possible it can soften up or even rip through the second battle if you’re lucky. But if that doesn’t work out, you’ll want a Water type if you have to face Dugtrio, a Psychic type to counter Nidoking, or an Ice type to take down Garchomp.

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Suicune is scary, but it’s ultimately a Water type, meaning countering it isn’t very complicated. Electric and Grass are both solid options, with the added bonus of a grass type being useful against Dugtrio too. 

If you have any solid Shadow Pokemon options from dealing with Team Rocket, something like a Shadow Machamp would be a great alternative to Lucario. Combine that with a charged T M and you’ll be able to bump Persian out of the way no problem, and keep your other Pokemon fresh for the next round.

Another trick we’ve seen is to put your Persian counter Pokemon in your second slot, which will allow you to swap Pokemon in the middle of the fight to the one you actually want. This causes a brief pause when you’re fighting the Team Rocket grunts as well as Giovanni, which opens you up to score some free hits. That extra lead time can make a huge difference depending on your Pokemons’ strength.

Have you fought the Giovanni August 2020 challenge battle yet? Did you win, or are you here because you needed some strategy help? How are you faring in the summer Pokemon GO events so far? Stop by the Prima Games Facebook and Twitter channels and let us know what’s up!


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