November has been a fascinating time for Pokemon GO players, as Niantic has provided a treasure trove of in-game events for trainers to experience and enjoy. However, even with November about to end, there is still one more event for players to dive into before the month ends. This particular event is the 2019 Friend Fest. Fortunately, we have all of the details for the 2019 Friend Fest covered for you. 

Pokemon GO Friend Fest

The Friend Fest event will kick off at 1 PM PST/ 3 PM CST/ 4 PM EST on November 27th and will end at 1 PM PST/ 3 PM CST/ 4 PM EST ON December 2nd.

Those who partake in the festivities will be able to encounter family-themed characters in the wild and research tasks. This means you will see the likes of Nidoran and other similar creatures more often during the 2019 Friend Fest. 

Pokemon GO Friend Fest

There will also be a total of three bonuses that trainers will be able to take advantage of during the 2019 activity. You can find these bonuses below:

  • 1/2 Stardust trade cost
  • You can make two special trades per day
  • Attack boost when you raid with friends

There is no doubt that there will be plenty of players enjoying spending their time with loved ones throughout the upcoming event. 

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