Pokemon GO: The First Four Mega Evolutions

Three obvious choices and a wild card!

We just covered the datamining efforts uncovering Mega Evolution data in Pokemon GO earlier this week, but it turns out the update is coming sooner than anyone expected. That’s “sooner” as in, “tomorrow.” Mega Evolution comes to Pokemon GO on August 27, 2020, and Niantic has disseminated just a portion of official information regarding what we can expect. That does include which Mega Pokemon we can expect to see in the game first.

Which Pokemon can Mega Evolve in Pokemon GO?

Niantic has stated that while Mega Evolution is going to be a static presence in Pokemon GO, the team isn’t going to roll out a ton of Mega Evolution options all at once. So to start things out, Niantic is debuting the Mega Evolution feature in Pokemon GO with just four Pokemon to start with, while it introduces the new systems governing the feature. This includes a new set of quests to act as a tutorial, which will give players access to one of the Mega Pokemon just for going through those quests.

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The four starting Mega Evolutions that will be available in Pokemon GO tomorrow are Charizard, Blastoise, Venusaur, and Beedrill. The first three make plenty of sense as the original Pokemon starters, especially since the October Community Day Pokemon will be Charmander. Getting those Pokemon ready shouldn’t be an issue. Beedrill will be the Pokemon featured in the Mega Evolution tutorial, which will give a nice spotlight to an underused Pokemon and help  give it an edge in battle for a while.

There are restrictions to Mega Pokemon, such as which kinds of battles they can participate in, and of course the length of time a Mega Pokemon can stay active. We’ll learn all the minute details later this week, once Mega Pokemon are rolled out in the game and people really get to dig in.

Are you excited to see Mega Pokemon make their debut in Pokemon GO? Are you ready with some beefed up starters already, or are you going to have to rely on the Mega Raids to get what you need? How do you feel about Beedrill? Let us know over at the Prima Games Facebook and Twitter channels!


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