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Pokemon Go – Exclusive Raids Information

by Bryan Dawson

At the recent event in Japan, Niantic discussed exclusive raids in Pokemon Go. The new Pokemon Go exclusive raid will allow players to gain access to new Pokemon, similar to how Legendary Raids allowed players to capture some of the Legendary Pokemon in the game. At the moment, exclusive raids are not available outside of Japan. However, Niantic has stated that exclusive raids will be coming to Pokemon Go around the world very soon. Read on to find out everything we currently know about exclusive raids in Pokemon Go.

Exclusive Raids

  • Recently defeat the raid boss at a gym to get invited to an exclusive raid at the same gym.
  • You will be notified ahead of time when the exclusive raid is set to occur once you have been invited.

The only way to participate in an exclusive raid is to get an invitation to one. In order to get an invitation you need to have recently defeated the raid boss at the gym where the exclusive raid is going to happen. In other words, you should head out right now and take down the raid boss at any nearby gyms. That will ensure that you get invites to exclusive raids if they pop up at any of those same nearby gyms.

At the moment, Mewtwo is the only Pokemon who we know for sure will be a raid boss in an exclusive raid. However, Niantic has promised that more Pokemon will be added to exclusive raids in the future. If you’re looking to get a head start on the Mewtwo raid, be sure to check out our Pokemon Go game hub!