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Pokemon Go – Best Way to Get More PokeCoins

by Bryan Dawson

This guide covers some of the best ways to earn PokeCoins, which are the currency in Pokemon Go. You’ll need PokeCoins in order to purchase items such as Poke Balls, which are in high demand the higher your Trainer level increases. Of course you can purchase PokeCoins with real-world money, but the point of this guide is to help you find ways to avoid having to spend real money in Pokemon Go.

The best way to keep a steady flow of PokeCoins coming in is to take over and defend as many gyms as possible. For every gym you have in your control you earn 10 PokeCoins in 21-hour intervals. With the ability to control up to 10 gyms at a time, that means you can earn 100 PokeCoins about once a day. We recently covered some of the best ways to take over a gym, so be sure to check out those strategies and make your PokeCoins purse fat.

If you run out of PokeCoins, fear not. You can pick up quite a few items from PokeStops (the blue squares on your map). Spin the icon at the PokeStop to collect items. You can do this every five minutes, which means it’s best to find a series of PokeStops in close proximity to one another, then make the rounds between them so you’re circling back to the first PokeStop about every five minutes to collect your items.

Stay tuned to Prima Games for more on Pokemon Go. In the meantime be sure to check out our Pokemon Go guide hub to learn about the rewards you get at each player level and more!

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