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Pokemon GO: Best Tsareena Movesets, Listed

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What movesets are best for Tsareena in different battles for Pokemon GO? This guide goes over the best Gym, raid, and PvP movesets for Tsareena.

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Best Tsareena Movesets for Pokemon GO Gym and Raid Battles (PvE)

Best Offensive Tsareena Moveset for Pokemon GO Gym and Raid Battles

When you’re bringing Tsareena in to challenge a Gym or a raid in Pokemon GO, you’ll want it to know the Fast Move Magical Leaf and the Charged Move Grass Knot. Tsareena is a pure Grass type Pokemon and as such only gains the same type attack bonus (STAB) from Grass type attacks. Magical Leaf and Grass Knot give Tsareena the highest Grass type damage output, and you can choose when to bring it into battle, either against a raid Pokemon that is weak to Grass, or against a Pokemon weak to Grass that is defending a Gym.

Fast MoveCharged Move
Magical LeafGrass Knot
Best offensive Gym battle and raid battle moveset for Tsareena in Pokemon GO

Best Defensive Tsareena Moveset for Pokemon GO Gym Battles

Leaving Tsareena behind to defend a Gym is a bit trickier: its best option is to know the Fast Move Charm and the Charged Move Triple Axel, although Grass Knot is a viable alternative. Charm is a lot more helpful on defense than Magical Leaf because it has a better time damaging opponents that will be sent out against it. Tsareena is weak to Bug, Flying, Ice, Fire, and Poison type attacks, and Charm hits Bug, Flying, and Ice types for neutral damage. It is resisted by Fire and Poison, but so are Grass attacks.

The same idea applies to Triple Axel: as an Ice type move, it’s more effective against Pokemon that Tsareena is weak to. The guaranteed Attack increase also helps Tsareena deal as much damage as possible before it’s knocked out.

Fast MoveCharged Move
CharmTriple Axel
Best defense Gym battle moveset for Tsareena in Pokemon GO

Best Tsareena Moveset for the Pokemon GO Battle League (PvP)

If you want to bring Tsareena into one of the Pokemon GO Battle Leagues, its best moveset is the Fast Move Magical Leaf and the Charged Moves Triple Axel and High Jump Kick. It’s a very strange moveset to be sure, since none of its charged moves receive STAB. The reason this moveset works is that the type combination of Triple Axel and High Jump Kick gives Tsareena more options to take out Pokemon that threaten it.


High Jump Kick can be obtained by evolving Steenee during a Bounsweet Community Day or by using an Elite Charged TM on Tsareena.

Fast MoveCharged Move 1Charged Move 2
Magical LeafTriple AxelHigh Jump Kick
Best Pokemon GO Battle League moveset for Tsareena

Unfortunately, Tsareena isn’t great in the Pokemon GO Battle League even with this moveset, especially since High Jump Kick has a chance to drastically lower its own Defense. It’s recommended to teach Tsareena its best offensive PvE moveset and use it to tackle Gyms and raids. Use a different Grass type Pokemon, like Victreebel, in your PvP teams.

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