Pokemon GO: Best Girafarig Moveset Listed

Forwards or backwards, Girafarig is ready to fight.

A screenshot of a Girafarig in a fighting stance in Pokémon GO.
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Girafarig might not be the strongest Pokémon around, but it can still be a helpful partner in Pokémon GO. If you’re thinking about decking out this palindromic giraffe with the best moves for either Gym battles or the Pokémon GO Battle League, you’ll find its best movesets below. 

Girafarig’s Best Pokémon GO Moveset for Gym Battles (PVE) 

Whether you’re using Girafarig to attack a Gym or leaving one behind to defend a Gym, its best Quick Move is Confusion, and its best Charged Move is Psychic. Psychic dishes out the most damage thanks to its base power and the same-type attack bonus it gets thanks to Girafarig’s partial Psychic typing. Confusion similarly does more damage than its other Quick Move, Tackle. The Fighting-type move Double Kick doesn’t help with type coverage, and Girafarig doesn’t get a damage bonus from it, either. 

Girafarig’s Best Pokémon GO Moveset for Pokémon GO Battle League (PVP) 

If you’re interested in bringing Girafarig into the Pokémon GO Battle League, its best Quick Move is, once again, Confusion. For its Charged Move, you’ll want to run Psychic Fangs at the very least. Even if your opponent uses up one of their shields when you attack with Psychic Fangs, their Defense is guaranteed to drop by one stage. This will help Girafarig—and its teammates—deal more damage before the opponent switches out. 

If you have 50,000 Stardust and 50 Girafarig Candies and want to teach Girafarig a second Charged Move, you should have it learn Thunderbolt. Of Girafarig’s remaining potential Charged Moves, Thunderbolt gives Girafarig the best coverage against types that Psychic Fangs doesn’t hit super effectively, such as Flying- and Water-types. In the Pokémon GO Battle League, Psychic isn’t worth running alongside Psychic Fangs due to their type overlap. 

If you want to make an all-purpose Girafarig, one that can be used for Gym battles as well as the Pokémon GO Battle League, you should prioritize an all-out offensive Psychic over Psychic Fangs and teach Girafarig Thunderbolt as its second Charged Move. If you’re interested in training a fancier, more blue Girafarig than usual, check out our guide on how to get a shiny Girafarig in Pokémon GO

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