Season 2 of the Pokemon GO Battle League kicked off on May 11th. Trainers from across the world are now competing to climb to the top of the rankings and prove they are the best players in the world. Fortunately, Niantic has provided a way for players to check the rankings for Pokemon GO Battle League Season 2 and see which players are at the top. 

Pokemon GO Battle League Season 2 Rankings

Trainers who are interested in seeing what the current rankings are in Season 2 can visit the popular mobile title's website here. Visiting this website will then show you the latest rankings for Battle League Season 2. These standings will show you players, the team they belong to, the total amount of matches they have played so far, and their current score. It will also tell you the last time that the standings have been updated, which will allow you to see how recent they are. 

You can find the most recent set of rankings for the Pokemon GO Battle League of the top 10 players in the image below:

 Pokemon GO Battle League Season 2 Rankings

The competitive playlist for the famous game is currently in the Great League battle format until June 1st. It will then shift to the Ultra League battle format from June 1st to June 22nd. Players will then compete in the Master League battle format from June 22nd to July 1st. Finally, All three leagues will be eligible for players to compete in from July 6th to July 13th. The end of Season 2 will then take place on July 13th. This end date for Season 2 will then decide the final rankings for the game's competitive playlist and allow for the top players to have plenty of bragging rights. 

There is no doubt that plenty of players will be doing their best to perform to their potential to be near the top of the final Season 2 rankings by the time July 13th officially ends. 

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