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Pokemon GO August 2020 Arlo Counters, How to Beat Pineco

by Lucas White

Team Rocket is a big problem in Pokemon GO, and it doesn’t help that Giovanni has a team of underlings that are no pushovers. In order to even get to Giovanni, you have to take down his Team GO Rocket Leaders. One of those Leaders is Arlo, who uses quite an eclectic mix of Pokemon critters. Luckily, we know what his possible options are, and can tell you the best possible counters to prepare for the challenge.

How to Beat August 2020 Arlo in Pokemon GO

Arlo’s main Pokemon buddy is Pineco, which is definitely a strange choice for a team lead. But hey, the rules of Pokemon GO are different enough, so I’m sure this particular Pineco is a force to be reckoned with. Obviously you’ll want to start with a Fire-type no matter what, since Pineco is always going to be the starting volley for Arlo’s team. And if you beat him, you’ll get a chance to catch one! If you have a strong legendary like Entei or Moltres that’s ideal, but any beefy Fire-type will suit you just fine.

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Arlo’s second Pokemon will be one of three possible choices. You’ll face off next against either Charizard, Steelix, or Blastoise. If you get Steelix, then congratulations! You’ll be in a great spot if your opening Fire-type is still in good shape. That said, Charizard and Steelix are both weak to Ground, so having a Ground-type prepared just in case is a really smart move. For Blastoise you’ll want a Grass or Electric type. Roserade is one of the better Grass-types you can get, and for electric if you don’t have any legendaries, Electivire is a great, stocky option.

Arlo’s final Pokemon witl be either a Salamence, a Scizor, or a Dragonite. Scizor will get torn to pieces if you still have a Fire-type available, but a Ground-type would be good too. We recommend Groudon if you have it! Otherwise you want to have an Ice-type to take on those scary Dragons. Mamoswine is the top pick there, as we’ve seen in other situations such as the Battle League.

As long as you have the right kinds of Pokemon prepared, Arlo shouldn’t be a ton of trouble, especially compared to his boss, Giovanni. The nice thing about these battles is that you can challenge them, lose if you guessed wrong, then go for a rematch knowing what you need. The Pokemon won’t change between fights!

Have you managed to take down the August 2020 variation of Arlo’s team yet? Have you made it all the way to Giovanni, or are you still working your way up as a Pokemon GO master? Let us know what your thoughts are over at the Prima Games Facebook and Twitter channels!


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