Pokemon Duel Tips

We break down Pokemon Duel so it’s easier for traditional Pokemon players to understand.

Pokemon Duel is one of the newest mobile Pokemon games in the market. This article covers Pokemon Duel tips to make sure you know all of the intricacies about the game that aren’t presented well in the app. Some of these tips will help you win battles, while others will allow you to collect extra Gems.

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How to Win

By default you can win by capturing your opponent’s base point. However, that’s not the only way to win a battle in Pokemon Duel. You can secure a WaitWin or a win by Time Out as well. You should plan your strategy around these two options in addition to simply going head-to-head against your opponent’s Pokemon.


You can secure a WaitWin if you remove all gameplay options from your opponent. That means they can’t use their spawn point and they have no Pokemon to fight with on the board. To do this you need to block both of your opponent’s spawn points located in the corners of the board, and defeat any Pokemon that are active on the board. The order in which this is done does not matter.

For example, you can block the two spawn points, then engage the last Pokemon and defeat it to secure a WaitWin. You can also defeat the last Pokemon, then move into position to block both spawn points. As long as the opponent is left with nothing they can do on their turn, you will be awarded a WaitWin.

Time Out

There’s a timer at the top of the board when you play against a human opponent. Anytime you press the yellow “Play” button you’re facing off against a human opponent. Even if it doesn’t seem as though your opponent is human, if you pressed the play button you’re fighting a human. The only time you’re fighting AI is when you click on the blue dumbbell to reach the Training Center or go through the story mode by pressing the blue button just right of the play button.

This timer is different for each player because it counts down during their turn. The feature was implemented so that players can’t take forever to play their turn, or forget about the game and leave their opponent to wait forever. If a timer reaches zero, that player loses the game automatically. If you can keep your opponent on their toes and play quickly instead of taking a lot of time during your turn, you can either force them to make mistakes, or potentially run their timer out if they’re not paying attention.


Attacks in Pokemon Duel are not governed by the traditional Pokemon type battle chart players are accustomed to. You can’t directly choose which attack you want to use. Instead, a roulette wheel spins, which randomly determines the attack. Because of this you need to look at all of your attacks and compare them to all of your opponent’s attacks. Only engage in a battle if you have the statistical advantage (and a little luck) on your side.

There’s a color-based attack system in which certain colors beat out other colors. Blue beats Purple, which beats White, which beats Red (considered a miss). Gold loses to Blue, but beats Purple and are considered equal to White.

Think of the combat system like a slightly varied form of Rock, Paper, Scissors. Blue attacks are generally defensive and beat all Purple and White attack, but end up in a draw against other Blue attacks. Purple attacks are generally status effects, which beat all White attacks, lose to Blue and Gold attacks, and draw with Purple attacks of equal or lesser stars. When it comes to Purple attacks facing off against one another, the attack with more stars will always prevail.

White attacks are generally considered to be offensive, but will lose to all Blue and Purple attacks. When pitted up against another White attack, the attack that inflicts the most damage will win. It ends as a draw if both White attacks inflict the same amount of damage. Gold attacks are also treated like White attacks, except they lose to Blue and beat Purple. If a Gold attack goes up against a White attack, the attack with the most damage wins.

Pokemon Duel Combat Color Chart
Color Will Beat Draws With Type
Blue Purple, White, Gold Blue Defensive
Purple Purple (lower stars), White Purple (equal stars) Status Effect
White White (lower damage) White (equal damage) Offensive
Gold Purple, White (lower damage) White (equal damage) Special

Time Boosters

To use a Time Booster you must tap on the Time Booster. It won’t automatically start once it’s selected unless you tap on the Time Booster. It’s also very important to note that you can only unlock one Time Booster at a time. While you can manually open a second Time Booster with Gems, it’s not worth the price of admission and you’ll just be wasting it for the most part. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to collect a good amount of Time Boosters and use them all at once.

Quest Mode – Extra Challenges

Gems are very important in Pokemon Duel because they allow you to purchase more Time Boosters with Pokemon figures. If you press the three-star symbol before starting a stage in Quest Mode, you can view the extra challenges for that stage. When you play through the stage, be sure to focus on completing these extra challenges so you can earn extra Gems.

You can find more tips and tricks in our Pokemon Duel hub! Keep your browser pointed at Prima Games as we’ll have more on Pokemon Duel all this week!

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