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Pokemon Duel Green Cubes – Increase Chain Level, Attack Power

by Bryan Dawson

There are three different types of cubes in Pokemon Duel. This article focuses primarily on the Green cubes in Pokmeon Duel, which are also known as minerals. A lot of people have been asking what are the Green cubes in Pokemon Duel and we have the answer for you. The Pokemon Duel minerals allow you to increase the Chain Level and in turn the attack power of your Pokemon. We also cover the Yellow cubes, also known as ingots, and Blue cubes in Pokemon Duel so you understand how cubes work as a whole. You will need to know how these cubes work to increase the size of portions on the Attack Wheel and more.

Green Cubes

Green cubes are the minerals you can obtain that increase the Chain Level of a Pokemon. Every time you level up, the damage for a specific attack of your choosing will increase. The cap is Chain Level 10, which means that you have 10 points you can distribute between the attacks of each individual Pokemon.

There are a few exceptions and rules that can help you better understand how this works. The minerals have a set rarity type and can only be used to fuse with a Pokemon of the same type of rarity. In addition, this doesn’t increase the stars on Purple attacks, you can’t give Blue or Red attacks any points, and you can’t use points on any attacks that deal zero damage.

The process of increasing Chain Level can be done in multiple ways. Once you have a specific Pokemon in mind, you can use minerals of the same rarity type and fuse the Pokemon with either the same Pokemon, minerals of the same rarity type, or both. Once you’ve fused enough times the Chain Level will increase by one. At this point you can select the attack you wish to power up from the Attack Wheel.

Here’s a quick look at the minerals or fuses needed to increase one Chain Level for each rarity type:

Rarity Type Minerals Required
EX 1
Rare 3
Uncommon 9
Common 30

Blue and Yellow Cubes

Just to make sure you understand how the cubes work, let’s take a look at the Blue and Yellow cubes as well. Blue cubes provide experience. The amount of experience will vary from cube to cube, however, the maximum level is five, and the experience needed to level up increases with each level gained. Once a Pokemon levels up you can increase the size a portion of the Attack Wheel (aside from Red – miss). This means you have a higher probability of landing on the larger portion of the Attack Wheel, so you should focus it on your most powerful attacks.

Yellow cubes are also known as ingots. You only use Yellow cubes for selling coins via the lower right portion of the Shop area. You’ll need coins to perform fusion and to get a team evaluation in Quest mode. These are necessary to a fault, but shouldn’t be your primary focus on Pokemon Duel.

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