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Pokemon Duel Fusion Guide

by Bryan Dawson

Pokemon Duel Fusion allows players to fuse Pokemon with rare metal items. This Pokemon Duel Fusion guide will cover how the fusion process works and how you can use it to get the upper hand on your opponents. You can also use Fusion between two Pokemon, so we’ll cover why you would want to do that and what will happen when you do.

Using Fusion in Pokemon Duel you can quickly level up your figures by fusing them with rare metal items obtained via Boosters. There are a total of three different kinds of rare metals: Blue, Green and Gold. Blue metals are used for experience points, Green are used to power up attacks, and Gold metals are used for selling to the shop so you can earn money.

If you opt to go with Blue metals, leveling up faster will allow you to increase the size of an attack by a single point on the Battle Disk. In turn, this also lowers the size of the miss option, which is always a good thing in Pokemon Duel.

Going with Green gives you +1 to your attack power. If you check out our Pokemon Duel tips article you’ll see that having additional attack power will give you a higher chance to win battles. Meanwhile, money is always good because you need it to fuse figurines and rare metals, so Gold is very helpful as well. Basically, no matter what metals you’re using to fuse, you’ll be benefitting in some way.

  • Blue Metal – Experience points; increase attack size on Battle Disk.
  • Green Metal – +1 increase to attack power.
  • Gold Metal – Selling to the shop to generate more money.

It’s also possible to fuse two Pokemon together, however, you will end up losing any figurines that were used to create the buff. If you happen to have quite a few duplicate figurines, Fusion can be useful to clear them out. This is also a good way to get more experience and uses coins to fuse.

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Bryan Dawson

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