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Pokemon Duel Evolution – How to Evolve

by Bryan Dawson

In any Pokemon game evolution is a big deal. That’s not different in Pokemon Duel, but a lot of people are having issues with the new mobile game. In this article we cover Pokemon Duel evolution so you know how to take your Pokemon battles to the next level. It’s not overly difficult in Pokemon Duel to evolve your Pokemon, but we’ll cover everything below.

How to Evolve in Pokemon Duel

The first thing you need to know about evolving Pokemon in Pokemon Duel is that you need to own the evolution before you can perform it. You may be wondering why you’d want to evolve a Pokemon if you already own the evolution. This is because you’ll get stat bonuses if you take the time to actually evolve a Pokemon instead of simply using the evolution you already have.

Once you own the evolution, head into your Decks, then access the Edit Figures area. Find the Pokemon you want to evolve and tap on the dotted icon just below it. Place the evolution in this area to setup the evolution process. If you haven’t taken this step then you won’t be able to get the evolution to happen, even if you own the evolved Pokemon.

When you’ve got everything in place to evolve a Pokemon, you need to trigger it. There are multiple ways to trigger a Pokemon evolution, but the most common is when knock out an opponent’s Pokemon using the Pokemon you wish to evolve. This will usually give you the option to evolve your Pokemon. After a Pokemon has evolved it will gain an additional 10 points of damage to all White attack, plus an additional star to all Purple attacks from the evolution’s moveset.

If you’re curious about general tips for Pokemon Duel, or how the combat system works, we’ve got you covered in our Pokemon Duel hub. We’ll have more on Pokemon Duel all this week, so stay tuned to Prima Games!