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Pointman Modern Warfare Perk Guide

by Ginny Woo

If you’ve been pounding the Multiplayer pavement hard in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, then you’re going to want to be getting yourself well-acquainted with the way that perks work. Any player worth their salt is going to want to customize their perks to their particular style, or to the playlist that they’re wanting to grind out. Here’s our Pointman Modern Warfare perk guide if you’re on the fence about using this.

Pointman Modern Warfare Perk Guide

Why is the Pointman perk so special? Well, it essentially gives you a boost to your ability to qualify for Killstreak rewards. Killstreaks are important because they grant you with potentially game-ending abilities and bonuses so long as you keep things up, but the hard part about racking up Killstreaks usually is, well, doing the killing. With Pointman as your perk, you’ll be able to earn Killstreak rewards through points instead of kills; you’ll unlock them if you get enough points without dying. 

What activities will count towards your Killstreak counter if you have the Pointman perk? Objectives and assists are the primary methods of accruing points, so we would recommend that if you fancy wanting to give this a wing, equip the perk on modes like Hardpoint and Domination. They’re packed full of objectives which you can use to earn points, and if you’re someone who’s eschewing kills then full-on firefight modes are hardly going to be your jam anyway. You’re going to have to pack away a ton of points to get a Killstreak, so just make sure that you’re staying active with this perk on and keeping out of the direct line of fire should suit you just fine.

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