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PUBG – How to Set Traps for Other Players

by Josh Hawkins

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has evolved quite a bit since the game first released in March of last year. There are now three different maps, as well as a slew of additional items and weapons such as traps in PUBG. Just like the game itself, the players have evolved, and because of that we’ve updated this article with the latest ambush tactics that you’ll find useful in PUBG. Read on to find out how to set traps for other players in PUBG.

How to Ambush Other Players

Ambushing other players can be a key strategic move to taking out enemy squads—or even just duos or solo enemies themselves. Ambushes aren’t hard to set up, and all they really require is a little communication between you and your squadmates. While you can set up ambushes in solo mode, the best way to set up an ambush is going to be with at least one other player in DUOS or SQUADs.

When you’re ready, choose your preferred location to set up for an attack. Remember that large buildings with multiple entrances and exits will be more difficult to secure, which could lead to enemies flanking behind you and taking you out before you have a chance to properly ambush them.

One of the best places to set up for an ambush is an airdrop. These happen pretty often throughout each match and are always accompanied by a plane flying overhead. Track the plane, and if you can get the airdrop first, you can set up a perimeter around it using buildings, trees and even bushes to hide within. From here, simply wait for an enemy to slowly move up to the airdrop, and then take them out. The biggest thing to worry about here is the enemy team’s backup, which will most likely be situated in an overwatch position. Because of this, have your squadmates set up nearby any good overwatch positions and wait for them to come into play.

There are a lot of good ways to set up ambushes for other players in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and doing so is going to really make it much easier for you to take enemies out and pad your kill count. Just remember that smaller buildings with fewer doors and windows make the best set up locations and are the easiest to defend should your enemies catch on early and try to take you out.

Ambushing your enemies can be a very viable tactic. Locations like the Ruins, apartments, and even city streets in Miramar can benefit from setting up a good ambush location. Just make sure you’re ready and willing to be patient, as players might not always come by immediately. Still, though, ambushing players can be a good way to lower the number of players remaining, while also taking it slow.

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