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Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare Advanced Tips

by Prima Games Staff

Now that PopCap Games’ multiplayer shooter Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare is available, players young and old can take part in strategic yet playful battles between aggressive plants and rampaging zombies.

Yesterday, we delivered beginner’s tips to help you get started. Now we have advanced tips that’ll take your multiplayer skills to the next level! In addition, take Garden Warfare to the next level with Prima’s eGuide.

Pay Attention to New Plant and Zombie Abilities

When you unlock a new character ability in Garden Warfare, a short cut scene will play, showing you exactly what it does. Although you can skip these clips, we suggest watching them. You’ll learn how effective this ability is, and how it’ll prove useful on the battlefield. 

For instance, with the Peashooter, you may not think that running around spitting seeds provides enough firepower. However, once you unlock the root ability, you’ll be able to “plant” yourself and concentrate better fire on enemies. Although your movement is limited, you’ll be an unstoppable force. 

Defensive Positioning is Key 

A powerful offense will get you far in Garden Warfare, as you can get a jump on enemies by sneaking up from behind. However, it’s important to have key players in certain spots so you can keep this advantage. 

Case in point – the Peashooter and Cactus are great to have at a distance, because they see enemies coming and prepare for them in advance. 

For good measure, whenever a health spawning point appears, it’s important to have a couple of guys ready for the assault, either behind a house or somewhere close by. Try to set up the Peashooter in a planting position, or a Chomper hiding underground, then strike when the enemy tries to close in on their health spawn. 

Put Drones in the Sky

Playing as the Cactus, you’d think that being able to shoot spikes from a distance is a powerful enough ability. However, once you unlock it, you’ll be able to use Garlic Drones to shoot enemies from above. These are great secondary tools that keep your current player safe – provided you position him well enough – while taking on enemies from the sky. 

Furthermore, they’re small, making them tough to hit from a distance. It’s vital to keep moving these drones as long as you can while targeting enemies, so you can get a few successful hits in before they finally come crashing back to Earth. Use these drones as often as you can, they’re great.

Use Pots to Your Advantage

If you see secondary pots sitting nearby – usually near your home base, you’ll be able to utilize them to activate spawnable plants. Make sure you have the proper stickers to lay them down – you may need to open a few of them up – and then set up something along the lines of a turret or defensive tool to keep enemies at bay. Some characters, like a zombie Engineer, will be able to get past them eventually, but for the most part, they’re more effective to have than not at all. Activate these whenever you find the opportunity, especially in Garden Ops. 

Spend PvZ Coins on Expensive Sticker Packs

Finally, when it comes to investing in Sticker Packs to increase your spawnable plants, cheaper isn’t necessarily better. While the thrill of getting more right away is ever present, save up for the expensive packs. It’s the best way to add more powerful units to the battlefield. 

Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare is available now for Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

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