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PixARK Crafting Guide – How to Craft, Unlock Engrams

by Larryn Bell

As a voxel-based spinoff of ARK: Survival Evolved, PixARK includes all the same features you’d expect from a sandbox survival game. In PixARK, players must learn how to tame animals, craft equipment, and gather resources to survive the elements and thrive in a prehistoric world full of dinosaurs and dangers. If you haven’t played ARK: Survival Evolved, then you may need some help getting started with the basics in PixARK. This guide will explain how crafting works in PixARK so that you can easily begin crafting the weapons, tools, and equipment necessary for survival.

How to Craft in PixARK

Crafting is a relatively easy process in PixARK once you know what you’re doing. Before you can begin crafting weapons and equipment items in PixARK, you’ll need to apply some level up points to your character and unlock a few crafting engrams first.

Level Up Your Character

Bring up your Inventory by pressing “I” and tab over to the Character Info section. When you have Level Points to apply, you can do so by pressing the plus sign next to each of your character’s stats to increase specific attributes (Health, Stamina, etc.). This is also where you can apply costumes to your character, once you have obtained different clothing items to wear.

Unlock Engrams

Before you can start to craft items in PixARK, you must first unlock Engrams, which are basically crafting diagrams that allow you to craft those items.

How to Craft in PixARK Engrams

Select the Engrams tab in your Inventory. Once you’ve leveled up a bit in PixARK, you will accumulate some Engram Points, which are shown in the bottom right corner. Engram Points are used to unlock various Engrams in PixARK that allow you to craft new items.

To unlock an Engram, simply double-click the greyed-out Engram you wish to unlock. The required points to unlock each Engram will be listed in the corner of its description when you hover over the Engram. 

To unlock higher level Engrams, you must first unlock the top level Engram that comes before it on the tree. Some Engrams will also have arrows below them, which means you will unlock whatever is listed below it when unlocking the top Engram.

Crafting Weapons, Tools, and Items

How to Craft in PixARK Pickaxe

Once you have unlocked some Engrams in PixARK, you will see their crafting recipe within the Craft tab of your Inventory. In order to craft a new weapon or tool, you must first gather the necessary crafting materials to make the item. For example, the Wood Pickaxe requires three pieces of Wood.

When you have enough materials, select Craft Item or double-click the Engram to craft the item you wish to create. You can also craft multiples of the same item at once by typing in a number in the box just to the left of the Craft Item button.

Now that you know how crafting works in PixARK, make sure to regularly unlock new Engrams in your inventory so that you can obtain better weapons and items throughout the game. You will eventually unlock an Engram for specific creature saddles, which will come in handy if you’ve tamed a pet and want to ride it around while exploring. Check out our guide on how to tame creatures in PixARK to learn how to tame your own friendly animal companions.

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