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Pillars of Eternity Character Creation Guide and Tips

by Prima Games Staff

When you first begin playing Pillars of Eternity, the game lets you create a character. Thankfully, Obsidian designed the game in such a way that you cannot make wrong choices during the process, at least initially.  

Characters level up over time, and you’re able to customize them depending on your personal play style, choosing from different abilities. This guide will help you customize your character in Pillars of Eternity.  In addition to covering all of the Classes, we’ll discuss Attributes and Backgrounds. 

Tip: There’s no difference between selecting a male or female character. Gender in Pillars of Eternity is cosmetic, nothing more. 

Choose a Class 

There are 11 classes in Pillars of Eternity, and each one possesses unique strengths and weaknesses. Selecting a class is one of the most important decisions you’ll make, since it will determine your play style. 

Barbarian: Pick the Barbarian if you prefer attacking up close, since they excel at both melee offense and defense.

Chanter: These characters use chants during combat to defeat their adversaries. On top of that, they possess high AoE passive buffs and debuffs, along with invocation spells. 

Cipher: These psionicists channel spiritual energy to dominate other people’s souls. Through building up focus, they’re able to defeat enemies using conventional attacks. 

Druid: A Druid can morph into a mythical creature, while at the same time gaining that beast’s special abilities. On top of that, they cast Area of Effect spells.

Fighter: Go with Fighter because you prefer traditional melee weapons and need the most durable character possible.

Monk: While not the strongest characters in the game, Monks are able to convert personal damage into Wounds that make their weapons more powerful. They prefer melee attacks and target groups of enemies.  

Paladin: Go with a Paladin to inspire nearby allies and help the party with targeted commands. 

Priest: Behold the power of prayer! A Priest is able to produce miracles that help allies while devastating the opposition. 

Ranger: Think defensively with a Ranger, who receives a hand from his or her animal companion. 

Rogue: Surprise the enemy with sneak attacks using this stealthy character. Not only that, but he/she knows their way around machines, and deals the most damage with one hit. 

Wizard: Buff a fellow party member or cast a spell to weaken bad guys. Time to do your best Gandalf impression! 

Select Your Attributes

Attributes in Pillars of Eternity define your character’s abilities. There are six primary attributes in this game, all of which impact a hero’s Accuracy, Health, Deflection, Reflex, Fortitude and Will. You receive points to focus on the ones you want, and the game will make recommendations depending on your class. For instance, Might is ideal for a fighter, while a spell caster should focus on Intellect. 

Might: The essence of one’s character that deals with both the physical and spiritual. Predominantly adds +2 Fortitude defense, +3 Health and +2 Fortitude.  Fans of showing brute force will love this one. 

Constitution: This one’s all about health and stamina. Also affects Fortitude defense and Health; +2 percent Endurance, +2 percent Health. 

Dexterity: Not only does it cover Reflex defense, but also Action Speed with spells, abilities and attacks. Invest in this attribute for superior grace, balance and hand-eye coordination. You can expect +3 percent Action Speed and +2 Reflex.

Perception: First there’s a bonus to Interrupt. From there, you receive a boost to Reflex and Deflection defenses. Look for +3 Interrupt, +1 Deflection and +2 Reflex. 

Intellect: Become smarter than the rest with this attribute. Boosts Will defense while influencing Areas of Effect and Durations for the character’s Talents and Abilities. This results in +6 percent Area of Effect, +5 percent Duration and +1 Will. 

Resolve: Boosts Will and Deflection defenses while helping a character with his or her Concentration. Considering it deals with determination, inner drive, leadership and emotional intensity, this character will be popular among his or her peers. Expect +3 Concentration, +1 Deflection and +2 Will. 

Culture – Where were you born?

Where you’re from is somewhat important, since each culture provides a +1 bonus to a specific attribute. In addition, the culture you select determines the character’s starting equipment.

Available Cultures in Pillars of Eternity: Aedyr (+1 Resolve), Deadfire Archipelago (+1 Dexterity), Ixamitl Plains (+1 Resolve), Old Vailia (+1 Intellect), Rauatai (+1 Intellect), The Living Lands (+1 Might), The White That Wends (+1 Dexterity).

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