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Overwatch 2 Olympus Free For All Mode: Release Date, Heroes and Rewards

The Olympians are gearing up for carnage!

by Shawn Robinson

Overwatch 2 is getting a little more experimental with its seasonal events and modes than in Overwatch 1. With the Halloween event bringing out a whole new level, and some more mini-events with more thought put into them, the team has been attempting new things to some good and some bad results. Quite soon, a brand new mode will debut related to Season 2’s theme, though details around it are a little obscure. Here’s all we know about the free-for-all Olympus-style mode coming to Overwatch 2.

What is the Upcoming Olympus Mode?

Known also as Battle for Olympus, this upcoming mode will be a limited-time free-for-all variant featuring far different characters. With some fan-favorite characters donning their greek attire, each has been given a new ability of sorts that will help them go toe to toe with the other eight opponents. As is the case with a standard free-for-all, the Olympian with the most takedowns will win the match.

When Will the Mode Release?

The release date for the Battle for Olympus mode in Overwatch 2 is Thursday, January 5. From there, the mode will be active for two weeks, leaving the game on January 19.

What Heroes Are Available to Play in Battle for Olympus?

While Blizzard has yet to give any finite details on heroes available, all of them were spotted in the most recent trailer posted to Twitter. They are as follows:

  • Zeus Junker Queen
  • Poseidon Ramattra
  • Medusa Widowmaker
  • Hades Pharah
  • Hermes Lucio
  • Cyclops Roadhog
  • Minotaur Reinhardt

The team has yet to give exact details on their abilities, but a few can be spotted in the trailer. Lucio appears to have an ability that causes his boop to stun, Widowmaker a laser that can instakill an opponent, Pharah a moving barrage, Roadhog a rock-shooting version of his ult, and Junker Queen an empowered ultimate. This leaves Ramattra and Reinhardt’s abilities up in the air, though we’re sure they’ll become clearer once the mode is available.

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What Rewards Can Be Claimed?

UPDATE: With the event live, you can score some voice lines and titles as well.

Original Section: Presumably, several challenges for each of the heroes will be completeable for battle pass XP (though this is unconfirmed). On top of that, the team has confirmed Winged Victory Mercy is available in case you didn’t own the skin previously. This will likely be similar to the Brig Winter skin during the Winter Wonderland event, where a certain amount of challenges complete will award the skin.

Alongside the skin, the character with the most eliminations on the leaderboard by the end of the event will get a statue erected after them in Illios.

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