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The Outer Worlds Wooly Cows on Your Ship – What Are They?

by Ginny Woo

The Outer Worlds is crammed to the brim with Easter eggs from other properties, ranging from white chocolate to the more esoteric sci-fi references. It’s not only in the aesthetic of the game; it’s also in the tropes that the various characters fulfill at the very least. However, some of these outerworldly (ha) references aren’t as easy to spot as you might think, and others can be downright confusing. Seen some wooly cows on your ship in The Outer Worlds? Well, we’ll shed some light on those.

The Outer Worlds Wooly Cows on Your Ship – What Are They?

If you’ve been lucky – or unlucky, depending on your stance on bovine creatures – then you may have noticed the cargo hold of your ship in The Outer Worlds being home to a couple of stowaways. Specifically, wooly cows. They might not be out in full force, and you won’t exactly be able to ask anyone onboard about their specific purpose. Hell, you might even have assumed that you’re hallucinating them. 

However, we’re here to inform you that these wooly cows are a thing. They’re just chilling out, yes. But they’re entirely benign. If you’re wondering why you can’t interact more meaningfully with them, well, they’re actually one of those aforementioned Easter eggs. Specifically, the wooly cows are a callback to the TV show, Firefly, which we maintain was canceled before its time. In Firefly, the crew of the Serenity is tasked with transporting, well, cows on their intergalactic ventures. As such, the wooly cows that you find drifting around on the Unreliable are just a tongue-in-cheek reference to a hallmark of sci-fi media. Nifty, huh? You don’t have to worry about these cows causing any problems, so just let them be. We’ve heard that they wander off on their own. 

Now that you’ve solved the puzzle of the Outer Worlds Wooly Cows on your ship, keep your spider senses on and see if you can find any other notable Easter eggs. Need a hand with anything else in The Outer Worlds? We’ve put together a bunch of other guides that might be helpful:

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