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The Outer Worlds Max Level Cap Guide

by Nicholas Barth

Obsidian’s newest RPG title of The Outer Worlds has become a popular hit with the video game community already. Players from around the world have been enjoying their time exploring the massive universe that Obsidian has created for its latest hit. There are plenty of things players can work towards in the newly released game. One of these things is reaching the max level cap for your character. Fortunately, we have everything you need to know about the max level cap covered below.

The Outer Worlds Max Level Cap

Players can hit the max level cap of 30 for their characters. There is a multitude of ways for players to earn experience in this particular title. This array of experience earning avenues means players can always be working to reach the max level cap. However, it will still take a reasonable amount of time for players to reach the max level cap for their character when playing. Fortunately, your path for reaching the max level cap will no doubt be paved with plenty of exciting adventures along the way. 

It is not hard at all to find exciting activities to partake in to earn all of that valuable experience to progress your character. 

The Outer Worlds Max Level Cap

Are you looking for more help in navigating the universe of Obsidian’s new game? If so, be sure to check out these three handy guides that will help you progress further in the high-profile title. 

Knowing the max level cap in The Outer Worlds will help you know exactly when you have reached the height of your character’s power. Let us know how your leveling goes over on Twitter and Facebook! Check out our dedicated coverage hub for The Outer Worlds for even more help in learning about the popular new game. 

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