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The Outer Worlds: How to Unlock Pickpocket Skill

by Nicholas Barth

There are plenty of things players can do in The Outer Worlds. One of these things is to pickpocket items from the various characters you will encounter through your adventures. The most valuable items probably won’t be given away from these characters, which means you will need to pickpocket them to get your hands on what they have. Fortunately, we have everything you need to know about the pickpocket skill covered for you below.

The Outer Worlds: How to Unlock Pickpocket Skill 

Players will need to put a total of 40 skill points into the Stealth skill to unlock the ability to pickpocket. Fortunately, players who decide to invest in their Stealth skill will be able to unlock the ability to pickpocket within the first few levels. 

The pickpocketing process itself is not complicated by any means. All that you have to do is sneak up behind a character and use the interact key or button to pickpocket them and take whatever items that interest you. The more points you have invested in your Stealth and sneak skills will make pickpocketing much easier for you to be successful.

The Outer Worlds Pickpocket

You need to make sure that you do not get too close to the character you are trying to pickpocket, or they will be alerted to your presence and likely not be too happy you are trying to steal from them. 

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Knowing how to pickpocket in The Outer Worlds will help you collect way more items than if you were not to use the handy ability. Let us know about the best things you have pickpocketed so far on Twitter and Facebook! Check out our dedicated coverage hub for The Outer Worlds for even more help in learning about the popular new game. 

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