The Outer Worlds is now available for players from across the world to enjoy. Combat is a significant aspect of Obsidian's newest RPG blockbuster. However, there are times where you will be best suited by not having your weapon out and making your way around peacefully. Unfortunately, the title does not come right out and explain how to holster your weapon. Luckily, we have everything you need to know when it comes to knowing how to holster your weapon. 

How to Holster Your Weapon in The Outer Worlds

Fortunately, the holster process is not a complex one by any means. All that you have to do is hold down the reload button or key. Your character will reload your weapon at first when you do this if it low on ammo. You will then see your character holster the item and no longer have it available for everyone to see. You can then press the reload button or key again to bring your weapon back out of its holster position for use in battle.

Holster Weapon The Outer Worlds

Violence is not always the best route to take, and holstering your weapons will help you immensely in making sure you do not start a war in a peaceful city. 

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Knowing how to holster your weapon in The Outer Worlds will help you not get into any unwanted battles in the future. Let us know how your peaceful traveling goes over on Twitter and Facebook! Check out our dedicated coverage hub for The Outer Worlds for even more help in learning about the popular new game.