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The Outer Worlds: How to Get the Shrink Ray

by Liana Ruppert

Obsidian’s Fallout New Vegas in space … er, we mean The Outer Worlds is now out and is being met with glowing reviews! It’s a wild adventure with tons of replayability value and plenty of weapons to add to that impressive arsenal. For those looking to pack that extra punch, here’s how you get the shrink ray in The Outer Worlds. 

How to get the shrink ray in The Outer Worlds

The shrink ray is classified in-game as a Science Weapon. These particular weapons are incredibly unique and spicy looking, though not all of them have the highest amount of damage. The shrink ray is one of five Science Weapons and is – by far – the easiest to acquire. 

For those curious, here are the five in total: 

  • Gloop Gun
  • Mind Control Ray
  • Mandibular Rearrange
  • Prismatic Hammer
  • Shrink Ray

While the objective seems simple, traveling to Dr. Phineas Welles’ lab, the path to get there will require a few additional steps. The cool thing about The Outer Worlds is that it does have space travel, though it doesn’t give players total freedom like some other games with a similar framework. There’s also that pesky roadblock that happens when the ship in the beg gets grounde when arriving at the Groundbreaker and players will have to smooze their way into some NPCs to get help getting it back into the air. 

After those quests are completed and that good favor is earned, it’s time to do some more quests in order to gain ownership of a Navkey which then unlocks travel throughout the entire Halycon system. Only once the Navkey is claimed can players then make those moves to get that shrink ray. 

Of all the new places now available to travel thanks to the Navkey, players will notice the option to Phineas Welles’ lab, that’s where you need to go. Once there, walk up to Welles and then immediately pivot right and that’s where you’ll find that beautiful shrink ray waiting to be claimed. 

And there you have it! Good luck and good fortune travelers because The Outer Worlds is now available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC! 

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