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The Outer Worlds Console Code Guide

by Ginny Woo

If you’ve been cracking into The Outer Worlds, and you’re someone that’s been playing it on the PC, then you’re going to be a lil bit luckier than some of your counterparts who are enjoying it on console. This is because playing the game on the PC is going to give you access to console commands, and inputting those commands in the Unreal Engine 4 console will allow you to customize your experience. Not sure quite where to start? You can follow along with our Outer Worlds Console Code guide.

The Outer Worlds Console Code Guide – Unlocking UE4

So, first thing’s first. You’re going to have to be able to actually unlock the Unreal Engine 4 console that’s a part of the game. You’ll also be prompted to set up a launcher that will be able to enable this console 24/7 so you can always input codes at your discretion. You have a few choices out there for UE4 Unlockers, so check out this Nexus Mods page for instructions on how to download your chosen option. Once you have your Unlocker downloaded and you’ve launched the game via the respective launcher, it’s time to enter some console codes.

The Outer Worlds Console Code Guide – Outer Worlds Cheat Codes

We’ve put together a list of handy console commands that you can use in The Outer Worlds once you’ve unlocked the UE4 console. We’ve also noted down what each code does so you can be fully prepared:

  • Add currency code – AddCurrency <amount> 1 (replace xxxx with your chosen value)
  • Adding items to your inventory – AddItemDebug <ItemID> 1
  • Adding perk points code – PerkPointsAdd <amount>
  • Adding perk points to companions code – AddPerkPointsToCompanions <amount>
  • Change FOV code – fov <amount>
  • Changing your level – SetLevel <level>
  • Changing your armor level – SetArmorLevel <level> 1
  • Changing your weapon level – SetWeaponLevel <level> 1
  • Changing your stats – RpgStatAddModifierDebug <stat> <value>
  • Code to change variables – variablename <amount> (r.MaxAnisotropy 16)
  • Code to start quest – QuestStart <questname>
  • Code to complete quest – QuestComplete <questname>
  • Companion unlock code – DebugUnlockCompanion <companionID>
  • Flycam unlock code – toggledebugcamera
  • HUD toggle code – ShowHUD
  • Infinite HP code – god
  • Save the game manually code – SaveGame bIgnoreSuperNova 10
  • Pause the game – pause
  • Removing modifiers to your stats – RpgStatRemoveModifierDebug <stat>

Now that you have a list of the Outer Worlds Console Codes that we’re aware of, it should be fairly easy for you to tweak the game to your preferences on the PC so long as you’ve unlocked the UE4 console. If you need a hand with anything else on Halcyon, check out some of the other guides that we’re prepared:

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