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The Outer Worlds Anton Crane – Everything You Need to Know

by Nicholas Barth

The Outer Worlds contains a vast roster of characters that help brings its environments and stories to life in an exciting fashion. One of these unique characters is Anton Crane, who will make more than one appearance during your adventures in Obsidian’s hit RPG. Fortunately, we have everything you need to know about Anton Crane covered for you. 

The Outer Worlds Anton Crane

Anton Crane is one of the various nonplayable characters or NPCs you will run across when making your way through the story of the popular game. He is a member of the Auntie Cleo faction and is located in the town of Roseway. The character of Anton Crane plays a role in several quests that you will have the ability to complete when playing. 

You can find all of the quests that involve the character below:

  • The Doom That Came To Roseway
  • By His Bootstraps
  • The Amateur Scientist
  • The Distress Signal

The Outer Worlds Anton Crane

There is no doubt that he will play several roles in how your adventure in Obsidian’s high-profile title goes over your playing time. However, there is a way for you to make Anton Crane bite the dust. Players can make this character commit suicide by failing to give him Auntie Cleo’s Research Data or by choosing the following dialogue options after you have given him the data. 

  • “Of course.”
  • “Was there anything else?”
  • “Your only interest was in your research and your life. To hell with everyone else.”
  • “Reducing the appetites of people performing physical labor is potentially life-threatening.”
  • “Your life won’t have meaning anywhere. You’re empty, and bitter, and will be wherever you go.”

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