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The Order: 1886 – How to Kill a Werewolf, Half-Breed

by Prima Games Staff

Although we don’t consider The Order: 1886 a survival horror game, Lycan (also referred to as Half-Breed)encounters are often tense, nail-biting affairs, complete with adrenaline-fueled quick-time events and lots of gunfire.  These hairy monstrosities are large, mean-spirited and will rip apart Sir Galahad without hesitation.  You should never expect mercy and should therefore respond with an equal amount of hatred, so make sure you have your favorite rifle at the ready. 

Werewolves require a different strategy compared to human opponents. They don’t make a habit of hiding behind cover and popping out to take a few shots. Raw brutality is their weapon of choice. If you’re not sure how to kill a Lycan, the following tips will shift the virtual scales in Galahad’s favor. 

Tip: Don’t relax after killing a Lycan. There could be another one right behind it.

Dodging a Lycan

Half-Breeds won’t stand around waiting to absorb punishment. They can and will charge Galahad. When this happens, wait for an X to appear on the screen. When that happens, quickly tilt the left analog stick away from your adversary and tap the X button at the same time. If done correctly, Galahad will dive out of harm’s way. 

Tip: If a Lycan grabs onto Galahad, quickly mash the X button when prompted to survive. 

Killing a Half-Breed 

OK, now it’s time to go on the offensive.  You can’t simply blast a Lycan’s head off with a Service Revolver. You’ll need to wound it first, then go in for the final blow. 

To start, pelt the werewolf with gunfire to briefly immobilize it. From there, quickly approach the beast and tap the Triangle button to perform an execution. We cannot emphasize the word quickly enough. You literally have a few seconds to drive Galahad’s knife into the Half-Breed’s heart. 

Tip: Use Galahad’s Blacksite ability to slow down the action, including Lycans. This will increase the odds of wounding your target. 

Bring the M2 Falchion Auto-Rifle 

We love using the M2 on Lycans because the weapon’s alternate fire via the Pn83 unleashes a concussive blast of air that briefly stuns the monsters. When a Half-Breed gets knocked backwards we unload on it, then move in for the execution with Triangle. On the downside the gun is extremely rare. That said, you should be able to get one from the Royal Army or United India Company

In addition, the C-81 Maschinenpistole (used in conjunction with Blacksite) does a nice job putting Lycans in their place.  It’s most effective from close range, so don’t be afraid to allow a Lycan to breach your comfort zone before firing short controlled bursts. If you prefer to attack from a distance, consider swapping out for something else. 

Tip: Always remember to turn off Blacksite when the coast is clear by pressing the L1 button. One of the last things you’ll want is to tap L1, only to make the shocking discovery that the meter is empty and there’s a charging Lycan about to destroy Galahad.

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