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One Pump Chump Borderlands 3 Location Guide

by Ginny Woo

If you’ve been on the hunt for every Legendary item in the game then collecting guns and grenades is going to be par for the course for your Borderlands 3 experience. There’s a whole new world out there of loot for you to get, and if you’re wanting to grab every single shotgun in the book then you can’t let this bad boy escape your clutches. Need a hand getting the One Pump Chump Borderlands 3 Legendary shotgun? We’ll help you.

One Pump Chump Borderlands 3 Location Guide: Promethea

Want something that packs a punch? Don’t let the name fool you; the One Pump Chump Borderlands 3 shotgun contains more than just one punch when it comes to the sheer amount of damage that it does. This Legendary’s perks include:

  • Over 1000% Weapon damage
  • Increased weapon zoom
  • Increased reload speed
  • A 50% chance to not consume ammo

If you want to find this gun, you can actually do so fairly early on in the game. There’s no need to muck about here with gearing up first; gun straight for this bad boy as soon as you’ve minced your way over to Lectra City on Promethea. Once you’re there, you’re going to want to hang left until you hit a New-U station by an abandoned tunnel. 

Inside this tunnel, you’re going to find (you guessed it) an enemy called One Punch Man. You’ll have to solve a puzzle before he can be summoned, essentially, but all you’re going to have to do when faced with a mess of televisions and cables is activate the interactable items in this order: Button – Wheel – Lever – Handle – Handle.

One Pump Chump Borderlands 3 Location Guide: One Punch Man

Once One Punch Man gets his kit out and faces you, you’re going to have to take him down if you actually want to get the One Pump Chump. No one get surprised, yeah? One Punch Man is good at punching, and his punches are going to hurt. One punch is enough to take you out. If you’ve consumed any amount of media recently then we really aren’t going to have to explain this to you at all. Our recommended strategy for dealing with this boss is to just stay as far away from him as possible when he’s gallivanting around. Shoot him until he’s dead, and the One Pump Chump Borderlands 3 shotgun is all yours. Sure, you might loot this weapon from a dude with a killer punch, but contrary to what other people may believe, the gun itself is not a reference to the bald hero from a popular anime – and if that disappoints you, you’re closer to what it actually means.

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