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No Rest for the Wicked Early Access Patch 2 Adds DLSS and FSR Support

and a lot more!

No Rest for the Wicked launched back in early access last month, and since then it has received numerous hotfixes and a major patch to address stability, performance, balancing, and bugs. The Early Access Patch 2 patch marks the first month anniversary of the release and finally adds DLSS and FSR upscaling support to substantially improve performance in No Rest for the Wicked.

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No Rest for the Wicked Early Access Patch 2

While this is the largest major patch for No Rest for the Wicked so far, the following additions are the highlights.

  • DLSS (3.7) and FSR (2.2) Support
  • Weapon Tryout
  • Respec System
  • Weapon Tryout
  • Controller Remapping

The complete patch notes go over all the performance improvements, quality-of-life additions, new loot, balancing, and a host of bug fixes. The following video put out by Moon Studios also goes over the highlights of their biggest patch for the game yet.

How to Enable DLSS in No Rest for the Wicked

DLSS and FSR can now be enabled in No Rest for the Wicked in the graphics section in settings. You can adjust the upscaling quality for both upscaling options.

Players can also use a custom upscaling quality value if they aren’t happy with the default values set by the developers.

How to Respec in No Rest for the Wicked

You can now respec your attributes in No Rest for the Wicked by examining the statue in Cerim Crucible Atrium as shown below.

You can take back allocated attribute points at the cost of 1 Fallen Ember per attribute point returned. These points can then be reallocated for no cost at the respec screen, or the stats screen.

No Rest for the Wicked still has a long way to go, but it’s very encouraging to see a steady stream of updates from the developers, and effective communication with players.

If you’re starting out, we recommend checking out our dedicated section for the title, as well as how you can beat the first major boss, Warrick the Torn.

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