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No Man’s Sky Star Seed – Everything You Need to Know

by Nicholas Barth

No Man’s Sky has seen a remarkable resurgence in terms of popularity following its less than stellar initial release. A string of important updates has transformed No Man’s Sky into an exciting space adventure for any players who dive into the title’s massive universe. This increased interest in the game has led to plenty of players jumping into the game and experiencing everything it has to offer. One thing players will come across in their adventures is the Star Seed. If you are interested in learning everything there is to know about the No Man’s Sky Star Seed, you’ll want to check out all of the Star Seed information we have found below. 

No Man’s Sky Star Seed

This equipment is a piece of exosuit health technology, which increases a player’s core health by one unit. Utilizing this piece of technology will help players make their character much stronger when it comes to facing the dangers of the universe. 

Players can craft this technology through the use of various materials and the item’s blueprint. You will be able to obtain the blueprint for this item following the completion of The Atlas Path mission. Players will need to make sure they birth a star in this mission to receive the seed blueprint.

No Man's Sky Star Seed

 You can find all of the crafting items necessary to craft this item below:

  • 16 Platinum
  • 16 Tritium
  • 16 Gold

Unfortunately, the No Man’s Sky Star Seed item can not be repaired. However, it can be dismantled for a specific amount of resources.

You can find the resources you will gain following the dismantling of this item in No Man’s Sky below:

  • 8 Platinum
  • 8 Tritium
  • 8 Gold

Having a Star Seed available for use in No Man’s Sky will be a valuable tool for players to use throughout their exciting adventures of space exploration in the awe-inspiring title

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