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No Man’s Sky – How to Name a Star System

by Bryan Dawson

One of the best aspects of No Man’s Sky is the ability to name the new star systems you discover. This article covers exactly how to name a new star system to essentially claim it as your own to anyone to happens to come across it in their travels. No Man’s Sky isn’t a multiplayer game, but when it connects to the internet it downloads any new discoveries from other people playing the game. That means any star system you discover and name will be seen by anyone else playing the game who enters that same system.

There are over 18 quintillion planets in No Man’s Sky, which means there are billions of star systems to be discovered and named. Even if you don’t start playing the game this week, there will still be plenty of star systems to discover and name for months to come. In fact, there’s a pretty good chance that the star system you begin the game in has yet to be discovered.

Once you enter a star system that has yet to be discovered, open the pause menu or Star System menu in this case (press Option on the PS4). Look on the left to see all of the star systems and planets you’ve visited recently. Select the star system you want to name, then select the Rename and Upload option (Triangle on the PS4).

Of course naming a new star system isn’t only for pride and gloating rights. You earn a nice bit of Units that you can spend on upgrading your ship, buying resources or even picking up a new ship. While it’s a pretty good revenue stream, you can find some other ways to earn Units as well as other useful tips in our No Man’s Sky walkthrough and guide.

For now, stay tuned to Prima Games for more on No Man’s Sky over the coming weeks!

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