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Nioh Twilight Missions – Rewards, Unlock Requirements

by Bryan Dawson

After you complete the prologue of Nioh and have access to the world map, you also gain access to Twilight Missions. This article covers the Nioh Twilight Missions, the recommended character level, unlock requirements and rewards for each mission. Twilight Missions in Nioh are extremely risky because they are far more difficult than normal missions, but offer far greater rewards as well. The Nioh Twlight Missions you have access to will change every day, so if you don’t see a mission that you want, wait until the next day and you’ll have a fresh set of missions to choose from.

Each Twilight Mission is essentially a harder version of the regular mission you may have already played through. These Twilight Missions have a recommended level, which is the character level you should be before taking on the mission. While skilled players can usually complete these missions at slightly lower levels, you should try to be fairly close to the recommended level to give yourself a better chance of making it through the mission.

Some Twilight Missions in Nioh require you to complete specific levels before they become available. However, just because you have completed the required mission does not mean that the related Twilight Mission will become available. Only two random Twilight Missions can be available at a time, and you may even see a mission you have yet to unlock, especially early in the game when you haven’t completed many missions.

Nioh Twilight Missions

Twilight Mission Level Unlock Mission Rewards
The Blessed Village 15 Isle of Demons Demon’s Horn (2), Magatama, Iron Spirit Chunk (4), 14,400 Gold, 2,640 Amrita
An Ominous Cavern 20 Deep in the Shadows Hank of Yokai Hair, Bangasa Rib, Fan, 17,400 Gold, 3,240 Amrita
The Squirming Sprite 30 The Spirit Stone Slumbers Highest Quality Tamahagane (5), Highest Quality Wood (5), Highest Quality Leather Kozane (5), 23,400 Gold, 4,800 Amrita
Foreboding Seas 49 The Ocean Roars Again Umi-bozu’s Eyestone, Prayer Beads, Spirit Iron Chunk (4)
The Best and the Worst 75 The Demon of Mount Hiei White Tiger Fur, Medicine Case, Spirit Iron Chunk (6), 50,400 Gold, 18,348 Amrita
The Bleeding Spider Lily 90 Memories of Death-Lilies Ogress’s Claw, Highest Quality Wood (7), Spirit Iron Chunk (7)
Where Dark Forces Gather 100 The Defiled Castle Highest Quality Iron Kozane (7), Highest Quality Leather Cord (7), Highest Quality Ingot (6)
Bearer of Ill Tidings 125 The Source of Evil Prayer Beads, Highest Quality Lacquer (8), Summoner’s Candle, 80,400 Gold, 70,164 Amrita
Evil in the Ether 145 A Defiled Holy Mountain Magatama, Shingiku Medicine, Spirit Iron Chunk (8), Raven Tengu Feather

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