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Nioh – How to Escape the First Room Cell

by Bryan Dawson

While people are just beginning their game in Nioh, some are having difficulty with the very first area. This jail cell area in Nioh sees your character with no weapons and seemingly stuck in prison. Don’t worry, there’s a fairly easy way to escape and we’ll also show you some of the chests you may have missed if you just ran directly out of the area.

Escape the Jail Cell

If you approach the door to the jail cell, you’ll find that it’s locked. During this process a Dark Souls-like tutorial will show you some of the basic button notations of the game. Ignore these as they have nothing to do with escaping the area. If you attempt to attack the door, or your spiritual friend, it will not speed up your escape.

Nioh Escape the Jail Cell

To get out of the cell, head over to the open area to the left of your spiritual friend and attack the wall directly below. It only takes a few attacks for the wall to come crumbling down, which gives you access to the adjacent cell where you’ll find some loot (Amrita Memories). Continue through the open cell door and into the hallway to find a guard patrolling.

You don’t have any weapons or armor which means you can’t take more than a few hits from the guard. If you get hit it will drain a considerable portion of your health, so make sure to stay just outside of the guard’s immediate attack range. This will force him to use big lunging attacks that are easily avoided with a quick dash (X button) to either side. Attack the guard several times while he is recovering from the lunging attack, but pay close attention to your stamina gauge. If it depletes fully you will be in trouble.

Continue this strategy until the guard goes down, dropping a Bastard Sword and the Dungeon Key for your convenience. Before you head out of the dungeon through the door on the far side, head in the opposite direction, toward the room with the faint light. On the right side of the room you’ll find a chest on the floor. Kick it open to obtain Tower of London Guard Boots and a second Bastard Sword.

As you head down the hallway, you can open every cell with the Dungeon Key, but the only one of interest is the fourth cell. Loot the body inside to obtain more Amrita Memories. Open the gate on the far side of the hallway and head up two flights of stairs to find another chest on the ground to the right, just as you reach the top of the second flight of stairs. This chest holds another set of Amrita Memories and a Medicine item.

Nioh Jail Chest 2

Head through the next doorway to find a spiral staircase. Before you head up the stairs to the left, look around the corner to the right to find one final chest. Open it to obtain a Tower of London Guard Coat. Before you continue up the stairs, equip all of the new gear you’ve found so you’re ready for the battles ahead. Now you can head up to the top of the stairs and make your way out of the lower level of the dungeon.

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