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Nioh – Kodama Locations

by Bryan Dawson

As you play through Nioh you will come across shrines where you can get a Kodama Blessing. Kodama are the little green spirits that are hidden throughout many of the areas in Nioh. This article covers Nioh Kodama locations so you can quickly and easily find them. We’ll continue to update this article as we cover each area of the game. When you come across a Kodama location in Nioh you can press and hold Circle to guide it back to the shrine. There are several different types of Kodama, each that offer a different blessing offer more gear drops, more elixir drops and other useful bonuses. The more of each type of Kodama you find, the more potent the blessing will be. You can change the Kodama Blessing every time you visit a shrine and pray.

Isle of Demons Kodama (9)

Kodama #1 – When you first begin the Isle of Demons area you’ll run to the right to encounter a villager, then up the hill on the left where you’ll find two more aggravated villagers. In this area with the two villagers next to the hut. Break the cart to the right of the hut to reveal a Kodama hiding under it.

Kodama #2 – The second Kodama can be accessed early in the area, or about halfway through depending on the route you take. After you pass the small area with the scarecrow and the villager kneeling next to it, you can head up the grassy path to reach a large gate above. This is the area where you encounter your first Yokai (demon) in the fight that earns you the key to unlock the other gate in the area and head down toward the coastal portion of the village.

In this area where the Yokai waits in the house in the middle of the courtyard, there are two ways into this area. One is via the path leading up from the area near the beginning of the area, and the other is if you take the longer way around as shown in our walkthrough video of the Isle of Demons. These two entrances to the Yokai courtyard are on located on different sides of the area, with the third side being the located gate that you open with the key the Yokai is guarding.

On the fourth side is a small hut in the corner with an enemy and chest. To the right of the hut is a small opening in the fence. Go through the opening and look to the left to see a Kodama right next to the outer side of the fence.

Kodama #3 – The third Kodama is located along the longer path that circles through the graveyard. Before you reach the area with the bowman shooting arrows from above, there’s a small path that leads to the right. As soon as you head up the small hill into this area, there’s a second path that leads to the left to the area just above. You pass one tree on your left with another tree to the right closer to the middle of this area. Look to the left of the tree closer to the middle to find a Kodama hidden in the grass.

Kodama #4 – From the area where you found Kodama #3, drop back down to the grassy area where there’s one enemy waiting next to a fire and a bowman just above him. Instead of engaging the two enemies, circle around to the left and head down the path that leads to a small drop to another path below. After the drop you’ll pass a row of child-like statues. From here you can go left to the ladder that leads back to the shrine near the beginning of the area, or you can head right to encounter two zombie-like villagers partially hidden in the tall grass.

Take out the first zombie villager and move to the right into the next grassy area to find a second zombie villager feasting on some prey. Kill this zombie then move to the far side of this small area and look to the left to see a tree with a Kodama sitting just to the left of the tree.

Kodama #5 – After you defeat the Yokai demon and unlock the gate near Kodama #2, head through the newly opened gate. If you drop down to the path below you’ll find Kodama #5, but before you do that, take the main path from the gate all the way around to the right to find a shrine. Pray here to save your progress, then head back up along the path and you’ll easily see the Kodama waiting on the path below the big gate you just came through.

Kodama #6 – As you move along the rooftops of the village by the coast you may spot a Kodama under a small area on the roof of one of the houses. You need to drop down off of the rooftops and go to the area where you spawn the Yokai with a single sword. Depending on the path you take you may be able to reach the hut where the Kodama is waiting without spawning the Yokai demon. Either way, head inside the hut and climb the ladder to get up to the roof (this is the only way to this particular rooftop), then circle around to obtain the Kodama.

Kodama #7 – When you reach the second half of the coastal village you’ll find two watchtowers on either side of the exit that leads out to the beach. Circle around and climb up the ladder that leads to the eastern tower (the tower on the right if you’re facing the direction of the beach). There’s a bowman here if you haven’t killed him already.

Head across to the adjacent tower and kick down the ladder. Before you climb down, look to the left and drop down onto the rooftop below. Go straight across the roof to find a small overhang on the far side. Drop down to the overhang to find a Kodama waiting for you.

Kodama #8 – Make your way out to the beach and head left when reach the water. At the end you’ll find the next Kodama sitting on a small portion of the cliffside on the edge of the water.

Kodama #9 – If you head to the right when you reach the beach you will come to a path that leads up to the shrine on the edge of the village. If you came from the other way there was a locked doorway blocking your path. From the direction of the beach you can unlock the door to gain access to the shrine and create a shortcut back to the beach. Just before you reach the locked door head to the right and continue down the path to find the last Kodama waiting at the end.

Deep in the Shadows Kodama (8)

Kodama #1 – From the starting point head down into the cavern and take out the enemies, then continue onto the cliffside path and into the first cavern on the left. Clear the enemies inside, then head into the treasure room on the right. Collect the loot here and look to the right to see a second treasure room and a Kodama standing next to the large open chest inside.

Kodama #2 – Head back into the large cavern from the treasure room where you found the first Kodama and head under the elevated path where the bowman attacked from. There are some enemies in the first door on the right, but you don’t need to take them out to get to the second Kodama. About halfway down the path there’s another path to the right near a lantern. Beyond the path is another cavern where two more enemies await.

Take out the enemies and one of them will drop the Boss’s Room Key. Head back into the large cavern you just came from and go up the elevated path. The key you just obtained opens the door at the end of the elevated path where you’ll find another enemy sleeping on the floor next to a large chest. The second Kodama is to the left of the chest.

Kodama #3 – The next Kodama is found in another small treasure room. Once you get to the bottom of the path and back outside after picking up the second Kodama, head left to find a hot springs (glowing pool). Take the path to the left of the hot springs to find enemies in the small openings to the left. In the third opening there’s a large chest on the far left wall with the third Kodama sitting to the right of the large chest.

Kodama #4 – Once you reach the second shrine in the mission, continue past the shrine and down the long path until you start to see small groupings of glowing green plants on the ground. At the end of this path there’s a small grouping  of glowing green plants and an enemy laying on the ground next to them. If you walk into the plants or attack the plants they will crumble, revealing a Kodama hiding within.

Kodama #5 – Starting at the second shrine again, take the first path to the left to find a small area with a chest. You can drop down to the left here, but be careful when you do because an enemy waits directly behind you. There’s a second enemy down the path as well, but once you’ve cleared these two enemies you’ll find a Kodama hidden in the large grouping of green plants on the left side of the path.

Kodama #6 – As you progress through the cavern you’ll come to a point where you can head across a narrow path to the right, or access a ladder to the left. The Kodama you seek is down the ladder, but be careful because an enemy waits at the bottom of the ladder with a second enemy patrolling the path below. Clear the enemies, then follow the path to the end to find the Kodama.

Kodama #7 – When you reach the large cavern on the lowest level you can find two Kodama near the path you take down to this area. If you took the ladder down from the third shrine, just run over to the path so you can get better bearings. From the bottom of the path follow the cavern wall on the right until you reach a narrow opening. Continue through the opening and up the path until you reach the end where you’ll find a chest. Be careful because an enemy is hidden behind the chest. Once you reach the chest, pan the camera to the right to see a Kodama near the wall.

Kodama #8 – To reach the final Kodama head down the path that runs between the ladder from the third shrine and the other path you can take down to the lowest level of the cavern. Continue straight from the path toward the glowing portion of the cavern wall. There’s another narrow path here that’s very easy to miss. Head down to the end of the path and break the crystals on the left side to find a Kodama hidden underneath.

Stay tuned as we continue to update this article with Kodama in every area of the game. For now, you can head back to our Nioh game hub for more tips and tricks on Team Ninja’s latest!