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Nioh 2 Character Codes – How to Use and Share

by Nicholas Barth

Nioh 2 is bringing players back to the Sengoku era Japan where they will be able to create their custom character. This individual is half-human and half-demon, which will allow them to dish out some significant punishment to all of their enemies. One of the most exciting aspects of the character customization feature in Nioh 2 is the ability for players to share their creations with others through codes. Fortunately, we have everything you need to know to share and use these codes covered for you!

Nioh 2 Character Codes

Players can save their codes by selecting the “Save” and “Share” option when you are done creating your character. You can then share your code by taking a screenshot through the “Share” option in the menu under “Save.” Players can then either upload the screenshot of their custom character and the codes for each one of them to their PC via a USB drive or sending it in a message and then accessing it through the official PlayStation website. 

 Nioh 2 Character Codes

(photo courtesy of legend27_marco via Reddit)

Once you have found a code you would like to try out, all that you need to do is enter it in the creation page, and it will create the specific custom character for you to use in your adventures. You can find some interesting ones that members of the community have already created, like the Joker one above over on the franchise’s Reddit or the r/Glamurai Reddit. 

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