Trying to figure out how to make the most of a particular type of team in Pokemon Sword and Shield? Well, if you've just about had it with raccoons like Tom Nook taking all your stuff in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, why not turn the tables a bit and command some trash foxes in Pokemon Sword and Shield? If you want more than one, here's what we know about the process of Nickit evolution in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Nickit Evolution in Pokemon Sword and Shield


So, you want to know how to evolve Nickit in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Easy! Well, if you don't have one yet, you might want some background information on it. Nickit is a Dark Type fox Pokemon who essentially roots around in the trash and steals things from people. Talk about endearing. Nickits are pretty plentiful and easy to find in the Overworld - they're hanging around the Stony Wilderness, the Dusty Bowl, and the Giant's Mirror portions of the Wild Area. You can also find them fairly early on in the game on Route 2.

Now that you've got your mitts on a Nickit, you're here to learn what's truly important - what the deal is with the process of Nickit evolution in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Well, a Nickit can evolve into yet another Fox, Dark Type Pokemon called Thievul and this can happen as soon as a Nickit hits Level 18. Yes, that's the only requirement. We reckon this is much easier than the process of evolving something like Yamask which has a whole bunch of variables, and if you're curious, we've linked our guide to that particular process here for you too. Getting Nickit to its evolved form as THievul is quite straightforward, so don't stress about this one too much. Just level it up!

Now that you have a better idea of how the Nickit evolution in Pokemon Sword and Shield works, it should be fairly easy for you to also get your hands on a leveled up Fox Pokemon. We love these little critters even though they ostensibly spend most of their time digging around in trash, but hey. No one's perfect. If you don't yet own a copy of Pokemon Sword, why not use this link from Amazon here to pick it up for yourself and to also support Prima Games? Once you've done that, come check out the variety of tips and tricks that we've prepared for Trainers like you in our dedicated guides hub for the game: