Newly Announced RATATAN is the Successor to Patapon

Rata, Rata, Ratatan.


Originally Project Jabberwocky and teased over one year ago, RATATAN has just been announced! Ratata Arts and Tokyo Virtual Theory made the announcement today with information about the newly announced title still rather sparce at present.

What We Know About RATATAN So Far

The biggest takeaway from the announcement that took place at BitSummit Let’s Go in Kyoto, is that the game is going to begin as a Kickstarter project which will launch on July 29th. Thankfully, we should expect to be provided with more information prior to the Kickstarter going live. Kazuto Sakajiri did not leave us completely empty handed though, as he eluded to the game having multiplayer, as when asked the question he stated that Tokyo Virtual Theory’s motto is “Let’s Play More, Together,”. It seems very likely then that there will be a multiplayer component to RATATAN then.

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We do know that RATATAN has a talented team working on it. It boasts Hiroyuki Kotani as the director, Kazuto Sakajiri as the producer, and Kenmei Adachi as composer. A good mix of talent.

The team provided us with a teaser trailer that you can watch below.

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