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New Pokemon Snap | How to Complete Meganium’s Pal

by Morgan Shaver

In New Pokemon Snap, there are a number of different requests for players to complete including one called Meganium’s Pal. Of the requests in New Pokemon Snap, this is one of the trickier ones as it requires a number of things to be in the right place.

To help make the process easier, we’ve put together a step-by-step guide explaining how to complete the Meganium’s Pal request in New Pokemon Snap! 

New Pokemon Snap | How to Complete Meganium’s Pal

To complete the request Meganium’s Pal in New Pokemon Snap, you’ll need to run through the Florio Illumina Spot at Research Lv. 2 or higher. While running through this course, you’ll get a number of opportunities to photograph Meganium but the photo you’re looking for here is on the rare side. 

To catch it, certain things will need to be in place. Specifically, Meganium needs to be on the right side standing up when you begin the course. If Meganium is on the left side sleeping, left side standing up, or right side sleeping it won’t take the correct route.

If you start the course and Meganium is in the wrong spot, press + to open the pause menu then select Retry. You can press + again to skip the opening intro cinematic to help speed things up.

Again, if Meganium isn’t in the right spot, Retry until it starts on the right side standing up. With that criteria met, you’re going to want to sit back and run through the course up until you spot the flowering tree near the teleportation point.

When you see that tree, start throwing Fluffruit at it by pressing B until you shake out around four Combee. 

Wait until Meganium is behind the tree towards the right side and is sniffing it. Throw a Fluffruit at the tree towards the upper right side a couple of times until a Hoothoot pops out and strikes Meganium, causing Meganium to look surprised.

You’re going to want to photograph Meganium right as it’s looking surprised, and Meganium will need to be the subject of your photograph not Hoothoot. You’ll know you got the correct shot when you’re reviewing photos to show Professor Mirror and you see a 4-star photo by the tree. 

If needed, you can also set your camera up for Burst Mode in the settings to take multiple photos at once, making sure you don’t miss the shot once it comes up. At the end of the course, make sure you select and show the 4-star photo of Meganium to Professor Mirror to complete the Meganium’s Pal request. 

Below, we’ve recapped all of the steps needed to complete the Meganium’s Pal request in New Pokemon Snap. 


  • Meganium has to be in the starting position on the right side standing up. If Meganium is not in this starting position, press + and select Retry. You can select + again to skip the starting intro. 
  • Wait until you approach the flowering tree on the left side near the teleportation point and throw several Fluffruit at it to shake out around four Combee.
  • When Meganium is all the way behind the tree and looking around (Meganium HAS to be behind the tree), throw a Fluffruit towards the upper right branches of the tree to shake out a Hoothoot.
  • The Hoothoot will strike Meganium when it falls out. Take a photo in this exact moment with Meganium disoriented to get the 4-star photo.
  • Select and show this 4-star photo to Professor Mirror to complete the Meganium’s Pal request in New Pokemon Snap.



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