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New Marvel Snap Card – Stegron – Showcase, Decks, Counters, and Synergies

Quite a peculiar card that will bring more chaos to the meta!

From the moment of the announcement of Stegron, I’ve been contemplating about what is the exact impact it will have on the meta. As we approached the release date of Stegron, a lot of theory-crafting kept emerging, and it seems that we have a very popular card on our hands that will surely disrupt many plays and have a lot of great synergies, giving Stegron an entry in a lot of decks that are popular nowadays. Let’s check out the Marvel Snap Stegron Showcase here at Prima Games.

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Stegron – New Marvel Snap Card Showcase

Stegron is a 4-Power card with “just” 5 Power, which is, compared to some other contenders for a slot in the deck, weak. But, there is a big “but” looming around the corner, and that’s the effect of Stegron.

On Reveal: Move an enemy card from here to another location.

So basically, something like Juggernaut, but on cards that are already in play, and can move one card. You already see where this is going. You experienced Storm into Juggernaut combo many times, which is frustrating to deal with. Now, you can do all sorts of disruptions with Stegron (obligatory “in 6 months when we obtain the card” joke), including moving an important combo piece like Wong, Invisible Woman, moving something on an empty Location to make memes out of Galactus, moving something that shouldn’t be destroyed under Carnage, or moving something that should be destroyed away from Carnage, or just literally moving anything into Fisk Tower so that it gets gunned down with an audible shotgun blast coming out of your speakers as you’re grinning like mad and imagining the frustration your opponent is going through. Imagine moving the byproduct of Sentry elsewhere, just to have the opponent’s Viper do nothing!

Best Decks for Stegron in Marvel Snap (Deck Code)

This section is yet to be updated with some actual, proven decklists for Stegron, but off the top of my head, I see this deck in all decks that have Zabu in it. This means most of the Sera Control variants nowadays. Do I see it as a tech card anywhere else? I do not think so. It is not so powerful that you can just splash it everywhere. Some people will do it, and there will be a fear that you will be struck by Stegron when it’s least convenient for you.

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Anyway, here’s a Decklist to annoy people with that I just came up with on the fly… Of course, it will need tuning, makeover, and whatnot, but I think you’ll have some fun in disrupting your opponent’s plays:

Screenshot from MarvelSnapZone

Looks fun, right? Here’s the code. Also, you can put Daredevil (useful information for Turn 5) in if you are missing a card or just don’t like a choice from here (Professor X looks kinda odd and situational). I hope you’ll develop an even better strategy!


Also, Cerebro 5 might be a good idea 🙂

Best Counters for Stegron in Marvel Snap

These are the mind games I spoke about during my “how to get to infinite rank” guides. If you sense that the opponent may be playing Stegron and you are just guessing where it’s going to drop, you have the window of possibility to counter it with Cosmo, or even Professor X if it’s in any way possible.

Or, just run a Move Deck where you actually WANT your opponent to move your stuff around.

Best Synergies with Stegron in Marvel Snap

  • Zabu (Cost reduction OP)
  • Wong (Double movement)
  • Absorbing Man (“I’ll do it again” meme picture of Goofy)
  • Unironically, Move decks, because Kraven likes when stuff is moved to his Location
  • Kingpin (oh boy…)

That’s it for this article, stay tuned for more content about Marvel Snap at Prima Games by checking out the tag below. See you soon™!

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