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New Marvel Snap Card – Snowguard – Showcase, Decks, Counters, Synergies

Shapeshifter card? What is this, Hearthstone? :)

Snowguard is quite an intriguing card in Marvel Snap that will certainly be usable in various situations. It’s been out since the Animals Assemble season in Marvel Snap (April 11, 2023). Let’s see a showcase of Snowguard, to see what its effect does, what Decks it works in, how you can counter it, and what synergy it offers.

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What’s the Effect of the new Marvel Snap Card Snowguard? – Answered

Snowguard is a 1-Cost 2-Power card which might be a decent tech in a lot of control decks, given the situation that Sunspot has been nerfed.

While in your hand, this transforms each turn into a Hawk or a Bear.

When you first draw it, it will be a Hawk. If you don’t play it, the next turn turns into a Bear, and then if you don’t play it again, it keeps switching every turn until you play it. Now, you may be wondering: What are the effects of Hawk and Bear form?

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Hawk Ability – On Reveal: Ignore all Location abilities next turn.

Important notes:

  • This works for both players.
  • At the end of the game (After Turn 6/7) Locations will go back online.
  • Useful to bypass some Locations that prevent you from playing cards on them, or for example, blocking On Reveal effects, which gives you a “window” of one turn to place a card there instead of another Location on which you need to save card slots for later.

Bear Ability – On Reveal: Trigger the Effect of this Location.

Important notes:

  • Does not work on Locations that have “on Turn” condition.
  • Will work with approximately 15-20% of all Locations in the game right now (this is to be tested further)

Best Snowguard Decks in Marvel Snap

It’s too early to tell. This is still in the domain of theory crafting. But from what we see, players are posting ideas that have a very wide range. Mostly control decks, but we see some Galactus shenanigans as well. If you draw it from a Collector’s Reserve, try it as a 1-Drop in your deck.

What are Good Counters and Synergies for Snowguard in Marvel Snap?

Synergy can be accomplished on days when there’s a Hot Location that you can repeatedly abuse (because the Location will be there quite often).

Counters? Cosmo, I guess, if it’s not too late? You probably won’t be able to resist Snowguard anyway.

Should I Buy Snowguard in the Token Store?

No. Wait for it. You can pin it, and then wait to see if it makes an impact on the meta. And, if it tries bugging the game like Kitty Pryde, it may get removed temporarily like Kitty Pryde, which would leave you with 6000 locked Collector’s Tokens. I fear that there might be issues, given how “extreme” the effect is when it comes to manipulating the field.

That’s all for this guide, see you soon. We’ll update the article as soon as there’s a breakout of Snowguard in the meta. Stay tuned for more updates about Marvel Snap this month!

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