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New Location in Marvel Snap: Avengers Pet Mansion – Explained

Woof! Meow? WOOF! Meow?! WOOF WOOF WOOF!!!11woof MEEEEOW!!! *runs away*

by Nikola L

The subtitle of this article makes as much sense as this Location to be honest. I expected something animal/pet related, given that Marvel’s universe is rich with potential in that department, but instead, we got *another* restrictive Location that most Marvel Snap players don’t like. So, why the hate by the community? Find out below.

What is the Effect of the new Marvel Snap Location – Avengers Pet Mansion?

You wouldn’t believe it:

This turn, all cards must be played here.

It’s like Avengers Compound (On turn 5, all cards must be played here.), but it strikes suddenly without warning and has an immediate effect. It may disrupt a few combo plays here and there, but the community was unanimous about these restrictive Locations not being welcome in the game (but they keep coming, apparently). The discussion in the community Discord quickly devolved into posting pictures of dogs and cats (Cosmo vs Goose) and that’s that.

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What if the effect of Scarlet Witch or Reality Stone produces Avengers Pet Mansion on Turn 4 while Avengers Compound exists elsewhere?

The answer is: we don’t know! Depends on the code of Marvel Snap (which has sometimes proven to be made of spaghetti, like with Kitty Pryde).

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I am playing Captain Obvious here (a future character in Marvel Snap): It’s basically one of these three cases:

  1. You can play cards in both of the Locations.
  2. You can’t play cards in either of the Locations.
  3. Cards can be played only in the Location that is resolved first.

All in all, expect a lot of Twitch highlights and meme compilations with this Location that involve Scarlet Witch and Reality Stone, and that’s it. Baby Shark would be great here.

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That’s all that we have prepared for today’s Marvel Snap news. Check out our Marvel Snap tag below for more content. See you soon!

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